Word Ranking Pollution Cities Lahore is number 1

Pollution is very common issue currently today as the air is very important. For all of the human beings every person is needed round about 127 trillion air everyone day in and day out

With out air there a human living is impossible now Lahore today is there is a pollution city in the whole word with this pollution the life is going down day by day

There are various diseases which are to be faced by the number of citizens. Which is difficult time for growing their daily routine work if we see all the word pollution level then the most common pollution city is Lahore as Lahore is located in Pakistan is difference of Punjab there is every person is hit by this pollution

Air pollution basically is due to smoke and fog when both are collect means combined then the pollution is created there is also some air quality measurements in which particulate matter are there in Lahore there is 235 particulate matter are faced

Where as on the second ranking the city is Kabul in which there is 218 particulate matter are faced by the air quality not only this is a very bad condition

India most educated area is Delhi where every person is educated and the education level of Delhi is all over the Asia top ranking but unfortunately there is also a pollution is founded with an index of 214 particulate matter this is a very bad condition this is due to the citizens fires on rice crop.

The main thing is that the pollution is in different cities in which China India China India Pakistan Afghanistan and the other countries but mostly affected areas are found in in this most of the populated areas are Lahore Delhi Mumbai Lucknow Karachi Dhaka Noida Ghaziabad khanpur and Kolkata the pollution is a very critical condition

Nowadays the pollution is not only fact the lives but also a new type of virus is found which disturbed human life round about if you see the background before this about three years for two years we are facing the same condition the overall life is disturb

People are thinking how to live enjoy and entertain all different type of celebration events are to be cancelled due to the critical covid-19 condition. Now a days every person is thinking that they he will have to save from covid-19 or Omicron the population is going down by they not only down but also there is babies but with which the lives is going grow so all these thank you

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