April 16, 2021

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Whats-app loaded 150 new Stickers

Whatsapp loaded 150 new Stickers

Whatsapp loaded 150 new Stickers

As on an update in the recent week whatsapp added new 150 strikers to its site and with this new user can increase. There is most popular replies are to be founded with these stickers. Stickers not only increase the user’s level but also the source of motivation for the new one to get connected to WhatsApp. After launching them the sticker company think that there is more and more options for the promotional company to promote them on the international market.

Some peoples are watching here and there in the search of latest WhatsApp stickers and also thinking about how to reshape their family events. Its easy for the use to the users just click on the sticker tray find them and then past them on the screen. People of all ages can do this just tap on the sticker icon.

With the WhatsApp stickers we can share emotions and feelings with our love ones and also tell them what’s the message is priority. Like many other social media platforms WhatsApp is also growing day by day. Growth means not only the no of user increase. Growth means how the quality feature and the quantitative feature available for the general public.

Stickers in COVID 19

There are bundle of stickers are to be lunched in the panic condition of COVID 19. All these are for the benefit of general public and shows how much WhatsApp and its communities are working for the safety of human beings. There is not only use peoples for safety but also use them for the reply comment also. This is another source of awareness for the general public and we all like them at all. Most Commonly used COVID 19 sticker is “Stay Safe at home”. This is the top ranking sticker on the WhatsApp and the use of this is about millions of audiences. There is new 20 Covid 19 Stickers are added in the what’s app sticker tray

Stickers on Sports

Sports is the best event in year. There are bundle of sports stickers available you can use them and impress your love one by the use of this sticker and enhance the user ratio. Someone like the cricket and then they can use the Cricket bat or ball for their WhatsApp sticker reply on the post. In the main event of cricket most of the peoples use the cricket bat and ball to enhance the game show value by them. In the football event in the Dubai peoples use them and impress the love one and also fruitful for the general audiences to reshape their lives. There are 10 new Sports bat and Football stickers added

Sticker for the Family

Most important stickers that are to be used by the general peoples like married family use is the family stickers these are used to show the family size. Not only the family size but also use them for the wishes to the WhatsApp chat partner. This is valuable for showing interest and giving him the family size and tell them what’s is going on

Sticker for Youngsters

There are most of the user are young generation. Young means peoples having age of 15 to 30 years. They like to share the stickers to their love ones and show the feeling and emotion with him. This is the best point when they can share it. Some common are the flower in the hand and Heart sticker and much more. Now there are some poetry stickers for them to show the general interest and set them on the reply of love one. There is new 10 Heart stickers in different color are added

Animal Stickers

These stickers are to be use for the favourite pet. Pets are to be liked by all and these are the hobbies for someone and someone like to use them to interact the general publics and show the positive impact. Users use this to give feedback about their comment and also tells them what’s they feel after reading there messages. There is some time peoples use these animal strikers to show the day of animal. Some animals are missing in this tray there is 15 new animals are added

 Traveling Sticker

There is all vehicles sticker are to be available in this tray. The general audiences can use them and get the audiences feedback. Some time we are going on road with bus then we can use the bus status. Sometime we are traveling on Aero-plan then there is three or four consecutive aero plan are used to set the status tag line. There is every day new Traveling stickers are added and now there is new cars and bus added about 10 are these. This is all published on Live News Planet for you for more important article click on the above logo

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