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CNBC offers live stream to the users all the week 24/7. CNBC is the paid for cable and satellite Subscribes this is business class channel for the businessman. There are all business related news publish in this channel. As this is American Business channel than its main office is in the Englewood, Cliffs, New Jersey its sub offices or news reporters are available in the Europe America and Asia.

All trade related news are publish in this channel. On the website of CNBC you can find in details premium news services offered by CNBC. You can also watch the live streaming of CNBC on its official website. You can also find the stock market rates, Oil Prices, Gold rates and many other Forex market and local market trending items updates.

About CNBC

As from its name it’s the sub branch of NBC News channels. There are many news channels merge in this NBC news. When different channel with suffix of NBC merges then the new name Satellite Program Network (SNP) is formed. As different peoples demand for the trade and market updates then this channel CNBC is relaunched in 1989. This is joint-venture with Cablevision network.

This channel provides News about finance so by quality content this channel get best ranking in finance and new Network Financial News Network is established. In the start of CNBC its provide coverage to 17 Million homes which is half of FNN.

After the merger with FNN the number of audiences increase not only that also in 1991 the revenue is increase and get $154.3 Million in 1991. Not only revenue is increase there is audience’s rate is doubled from 20 Million to 40 Million homes coverage due to FNN merger. If we compare the coverage with the today audiences then this is 80 percent much more then 1991. Which means there is 100 Million homes started the listen and watching CNBC business news live.

CNBC Life cycle

Many News channels just covers the Market aspects but the CNBC news channel covers all the news of Market and trends in dept. In the days of recession all-news channel lose their visitors but the quality news of CNBC increase the traffic ratio.

There is main event fall in 2007 when the crash in the market hit and CNBC news stream live all the events with that the channel ranking is to be increased. This is to be presented by the news anchor in the show that the ranking and hits are cutting by the previous year that was Jim Kramer. In that time views are to be increased not only that there is also ranking of CNBC in market is enhance to top20 news channels.

This is the most Golden time in the CNBC life cycle that there is viewership is increased and the demand of the audience for the real and object oriented market news is rise. There not only the cable viewers increased but also the peoples who wants to watch live CNBC News is increased.

Popular Programs on CNBC:

Popular Programs on CNBC are to be on air according to the business times. In this time there is all reports related to business is published. Different news anchors discussing news about current and future aspects. There is mostly discussion is done on the business and financial status. There is all Currencies, Commodities and Products are discussed in the business hours and also discuss impact on them by country to country financial condition.

Some important and most watch daily shows are Squawk on street. Closing Bell and Power Launch. Most famous news anchor that get the high ranking around the globe is Jim Cramer. He discuss all the days business news and get analysis by different finance related personalities and gives views to the Trade related people what’s to do to boost up their businesses.

At the afternoon or at evening to stay tune the CNBC channel live when all markets are to be closed there are some game shows are played to engage audience with channel. In the games shows people of all ages get connected and gives views about the questions to win the match. Most Famous game show is Mad Money show by Jim Cramer. This show get the revenue from calls and the advertisement companies and this is basically money making show.

As there is much time is available after business hours. CNBC planned to consume this time. In this time some weekend shows are to be planned to play like sports, Ice Hockey, Soccer and Golf. Mostly these shows are to be played on weekend and late nights.

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