There are many broadcasting companies in the world Voice Of America is one of them.Voice Of America is international broadcasting company owned by the America which is funded by United States Congress(It is very oldest broadcasting company of America).Voice Of America produces channels in different 47 languages which can be seen and listen on digital Tv and Radio with all its affliated stations all over the world.VOA is listened by the people all over the world.VOA has attracted the people by its broadcasting all over the world.

VOA was first established in 1940’s and was signed by the laws in 1976 by American President Gerald Ford in 1976.

Headquarters of VOA are in Washington D.C which is the city of America and is overseen by the USAGM(U.S Agency for global media) and is the independent agency of America.People around the world see VOA on Radio and TV and has attracted people all over America and has earned a approximately of 236.6 million with its  thousands employees and has annual budget of taxpayer is $218.6.


Short waves stations are in safe hands in America before the start of World War   2. These shortwaves stations were controlled by the National Broadcasting Company regarded as NBC which is broadcasted in 6 different languages. A commercial broadcasting company of America Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) that is consisted of 64 stations in 18 countries . Different broadcasting companies of America Crosly Broadcasting Cooperation and General Electric which is owned by WGEO and WGEA both are in America.

In 1940 shortwave signals were regarded as Latin America in Nazi group.This is an inefficient ways of transmitting news released by the office of coordination . Columbia Broadcasting System has relation with Latin America was Edmund A Chester to improve broadcasting in latin America during 1940’s.

Cultural and traditional program on the Columbia Broadcasting system was a musical type of show know as Viva America which features Orchestra of Pan America a name of orchestra that played by the musicians from North and South of America including different known personalities like  Alfredo Antonini , Juan Arvizu , Eva Garza and some other personalities etc. In 1945 this show was broadcasted by 114 stations  on CBS’s in 20 latin American nations.These broadcasters get the support from President of America Franklin Rossovelt during World War 2.


The US government (COI) is already telecasting War News before the attack on the Pearl Harbour shortwave radio stations were used for some basic purposes.

VOA  operations were took over in 1942 by the office of war information then VOA signed an agreement with British Broadcasing Cooperation to share media wave transmitter in different countries especially in Britain and then expand it to Tunis and Palermo and Bari Italy and then later own army captured the enemies. American Broadcasting Station was setup by the OWI in Europe one transmitter was also setup in California in 1941.

By the end of 2nd World War VOA expanded 39 transmitters provides services in 40 different languages.Production centers are in New York America 1000’s of programs are being telecast from New York America.These programs consists of musics,shows,news and entertainment shows etc.

Arabic services are also a part of VOA but this service was discontinued In 1945.


VOA in 1947 started telecasting Soviet citizens of Russia because of soviet propaganda because of leadership and policies of America. Arabic services was ended in 1945 but this service was resumed in 1950 for half hour program during Sue Canal issues this program grew 14.5. VOA was then under control of Marine US Court Guard first mobile broadcasting ship(a type of radio fit in navy)this was used to train European commercial nations.

Throughout in 1960’s and 1970’s VOA covered some major and important news about famous Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963 and his famous speech about America “I have a Dream”and first walk on the Moon for Neil Armstrong in 1969. VOA also telecasted Cuban Missile Crisis around the clock in Spanish.

In 1980 VOA invested $1.3 billion to improve his performance and their tecqnical capabilities. September 1980 VOA started broadcasting in afghamistan in Pashto in Dari. Special Service in English was created by the Europe that was relayed in satellite via FM AM because cable was all over the Europe with including of musics that is played in disc jockeys the network that provide top musical hits and features local interests (Euro Fax).Then later on VOA Europe was closed in by the public  of Europe in 1997 by closed cutting measures.


In 2002 Arabic services was ended and this was replaced by the new service called as Middle East Radio Network with a budget of $22 million. Middle East Rdio station is also known as Radio Sawa which mosly shows popular songs of Western and Middle east and shows news bulletin 24 hours a day.Now today this network has been expanded on various media websites.

Now VOA has taken his steps to start broadcasting in Sudan in 2010 because America has developed interest in South of Sudan and has interest in people of Sudan to provide free information

In Albania , Georgia and Iran VOA ended the Foreign language transmissions because of the budget crisis. VOA has also ended the shortwave stations in English in Asia as well as in Azerbaijan , Bengali , Lao , Uzbek etc

IN 2014 Greek Services were also ended  for 72 years.


VOA ha also been a part of various agencies. It has also been a part od Office of War information from 1945 to 1953 as a function of state department. VOA in 1953 has been placed in US information agency.VOA has also been placed under Broadcasting Board of Governers when USIA was abolished in 1999.


                    Firewall of VOA has been put in place in 1976 by the laws of 1994 and 2016 as the way of ensuring journalism. This policy was against propaganda and produce objective standards in the agency. This firewall is great and has high standards of journalism

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