Cartoon Network in short is written as CN. It is Cable television channel owned and operated by American and is the division of Warner Bros Pictures and Entertainment .

On 1st October this channel was launched and it broadcasts television series like animated series for children where children can enjoy fighting arcade and comedy cartoons and this mostly operates from the time 6:00 a.m to 8:00p.m and is mostly target the ages of children from between 7 to 15.



                                          Cartoon Network is concerns about the debt loan for their company so in 1986 Ted Turner acquired  Metro-Goldwyn Mayer/United artist because they have concern about the loan .Then Ted Turner was forced to sell United Nations artist MGM after of 75 days of ownership this was forced by the Kerkorian.

Ted Turner made large library of MGM film and  kept  as much as record  prior to May 1986 and Ted turner made in US a entertainment channel for children Ted Entertainment co.

Extensive Film library has been launched by Ted Television Network and has gained much importance and attracted by the people on  8 October 1988. Ted Turner animation library contains MGM library cartoons and pre-colour Looney Tunes in 1948 and Merry Molodies.

Then in 1991 made a bidding with companies including MCA Inc. and Hallmark Cards. He was aimed to purchase and deal with animation studios Hanna Barbera Production for $320 millions. New outlet for Ted Turner library of animation has been launched by Cartoon Network.


From 1992 and 2004 Cartoon Network has an amazing era. Finale of Tchaikvsky’s has been launched by cartoon network on 1992.

With backdrop of this cartoon explosions with a special event followed by Tom and jerry character Droopy. Then cartoon name Rhapsody Rabbit was the first cartoon to be shown on Tv.


Initially this was run by the Warner Bros Cartoons like Looney Tunes and Merrie Malodies  and Hanna Barbera Cartoons that children loved a lot in that era.

This Channel has been carried b various cities of America like New York , America , Washington. Cartoon Network has an liabrary of about 8500 hours cartoons. In 1995 Network announces said that “THE” should be added before Cartoon Network thus it will be called as “The Cartoon Network”

This network also contain Programming Block that can be seen and aired on “ Cartoon Network TNT”.

In Canada Computer Network Programming would not be available in 1997 Canada is already airing Teletoon is their local channel and is French language and some of them are in Canada also.

In 1997 Cartoon Network launched a new block named Toonami it is a arcade channel and is consisted of Robotech and Thundercat.

From in 1997 New shows were introduced for the children like Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z these are arcade cartoons this becomes famous and children loved them a lot. Moltar from Space Ghost Franchise Toonami has been runed by him.

New original series In 2000 has been premiered In 2001 “Sheep In the Big City” Boomerang a new digital cable has been launched by Computer Network which has ended their before programming blocks .


                                            Three new original series also been premiered by Cartoon Network in 2001 like Time Squad and Grim&Evil etc . Betty Cohen who is the most experienced person and has served this network since it has founded and left this network because of disagreements with Jamie Kellner and head Ted Turner. Jim Samples the new name in network has been named as Executive and Vice President of this Network.

Then in July 2002  a new cartoon was launched  “The Powerpuff Girls” has a critics because of his Budget of $11 million and is grossing $16.4 million. That year on October Cartoon Network celebrated their 10th ever anniversary.


New original series has been premiered in Cartoon Network in 2010 Poster’s Home for imaginary Friends and Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi along with the series of Code Lyoko. Cartoon Network made an Updated version of brand logo which became C and N as their centerpiece of  a new slogan “The Cartoon  Network”. This network introduced 2D cartoon characters along with interacting with CGI for their shows to show better display on Tv.

Five new debutants series has been added: The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, My Gym Partner’s Monkey and the most seen cartoon Ben10.

Cartoon Network older Cartoons from 2005 to 2008 ( Dexter’s Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls has been aired on half an hour clock in segments as “The Cartoon Network Show”.

Block of live reality shows called “CN Real” has been created by Computer Network such as Othersiders,Survive this, Build Destory Build etc.

2019 Present

 It was announced that Christina Miller was leaving the WarnerMedia  later this year in  2019. Micheal Ouweleen was appointed Cartoon Network Vice President.

Then in 2020 it was announced that Tom Ascheim would be the next President of Vice President. This network introduced a worldwide title “In The Together” which feature characters from the past cartoons Teen Titans GO.

Warner Media’s International Preschool Brand Cartoonito would come to Cartoon Network in America. As their block of Programming and their streaming components on HBO MAX. Over 21 series has been coming soon in 2021.


Computer Network Programming includes Ben 10, Mao Mao Heroes of Pure Heart, Apple and Onion,Victor and Valentino.

This programming is introduced at Cartoon Network Studios while other shows of this network has been produced . On other studios which is affliated with Warner Bros Pictures.

Constant rotation of shows like Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry. has been shown on this network since 2007 to 2017

This year Cartoon Network has been benefited from Warner Bros library which are Looney Tunes , Merrie Melodies , Tom and Jerry and Hanna Barbera.

Most of the series has been removed and moved in Boomerang in 2000.


Cartoon Network programming mostly originates from “Cartoon Network Studios”. Earlier Hanna-Barbera produces series like Dexter’s Laboratory and Cow and Chicken. This Network was once the original series of Cartoon Network original animated series then it was used in 2003.


Toonami is sometimes called as “tsunami”  a tidal wave. A action packed Cartoon channel. This Original Block was launched in United States by Cartoon Network in 1997 this is also called as Japanese anime.


Cartoonito is an international preschool brand covering a wide range of Warner Media programming blocks and TV channels. It was originally launched in the UK in 2006, before spreading to other parts of the EMEA.


It is brand channel classic simple and theatrical Brand towards the Baby Boom generation. It was aired on Cartoon Network in 1992. In 2017 Online Boomerang Video service was launched SVOD service. This service includes new episodes of Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry.

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