Seven News in style is written as 7News. It is television service of Seven Network a free to air service in Australia.

This Network is very popular in Australia and has the highest rank and rating in Australia.

Seven News has high definition studios . This Channel broadcast his network bulletin from high definition studios which are in Sydney .

6:00 pm bulletin are produce in various cities of Australia like Melbourne , Sydney , Brisbane and Adelaide.

Local bulletin are also produce in Queensland and in the Gold coast.

Seven News is most trusted Tv channel of Australia its viewers has increased worldwide.

 This Network has an average of 1.4 million viewers that’s why this is the most watch channel of Australia.


Seven News before its launch known as ATVN News later on this name was change.

 This is one of the most running television service of Australia in 1958 along with other channel like Nine News and Nine Network at that time.

Former Nine Network and Chief of Current affairs Peter Meakin both of them were appoint at Seven News.

Main reason behind both of them appointment is to lift the rating of seven news and contents in the bulletin.

Seven News has been top of its ranking since 2005 the rating has increase with the success of game television show.

Deal or No Deal at 6:00 pm bulletin which increases significant increase in the audience of Seven Network.

Seven Network has been on top of the ranking since 2007 beating National Nine Network and 10 News First. This Network has top of the ranking 20 weeks compared.

On 2012 director of this network and current affairs Peter Meakin resigned from the seven news after serving 9 years and appointed Rob Raschke as director of this network.

In 2013 it was announce that 6:00 pm bulletins would be increase to one hour because of reaction of National Lead of Nine Network .

In 2019 Evening shows of Seven Network were extend to one hour of Todays Network in the east coast.



It airs on 5:00am on weekdays and is present by the Jodie Speers at 5am include business , finance , weather and sports . It airs at seven studios.

On January 2016 Sunrise starting at 5:30 am time has been increase of sunrise So it was decide that Jodie Speers will be replacing Natalie Barr.

Bulletin also moved to the again same time at 5:00 am.


It airs on 11:00 am on weekdays at different markets

Garry Wilkinson and Chris Bath bulletin was previously produce by them. In 2016 Bath and Sanders changed their roles . Then sanders was appoint presenter of Seven Morning News.

A weather presenter was also add in seven morning in 2014.


This national edition has been present from the studio of seven martin place. The bulletin of this summer edition is present by the Ann Sanders and Sally Bowrey . This is Semi- national bulletin.

Seven News at 5

This show is present by Sally Bowrey and it airs on 5:00 pm avery Saturday and Sunday which includes   sports , weather and sports. It also airs from seven market place studios.



In Regional Queensland local bulletins are broadcast at weeknight at 6:00pm in several regions like Carins , Townsville Toowoomba .

On 2017 Local bulletins started production at wide screen high definition . Seven News local was the the first to convert it into wide screen.


Rod Young and Amanda Abate both of them present Seven News Gold Coast they also present sports.

They present weather also which has experience of metrologist.

On 4th July a new local bulletin was produce for Gold Coast which has been broadcast from Surferx Paradise of Seven News.

From its launch weekend bulletins were produced seven days a week this is the first channel to produce bulletins all the week.

Then on 2017 weekend bulletins were end because of cost cutting measures.

On 2019 weekend bulletins were air on since three years Seven Netsork Gold Coast became famous to produce that bulletins and it became number one bulletins.



It airs on weekdays from 5:30 am to 9:00 am. It is network breakfast program. This show broadcast from Martin Place studios of Seven          News. It is based on the showbiz and entertainment show.

David Koch and Natalie Bar host this show.


Weekend Sunrise is basically the part of Sunrise program and is weekend edition of sunrise.

It airs on only Saturday and Sundays from 7:00 to 10:00 am .

This program is also broadcast from Seven Martin Place Studios.

This show include half hourly national news and also include sports bulletin.

Monique Wright and Matt Doran host this program.


Seven News also has former shows like:

  • Seven News at 7
  • Today Tonight
  • Sunday Night

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