Russian computing platform Matsotsky “Skala-R” became a separate business

The computing platform “Skala-R”, which went to the co-founder of IBS Sergei Matsotsky after his departure from the company, will continue its development under the old brand, but within the framework of an independent business, which is part of the group of companies of the businessman “GS-invest”.

Skala-R as a separate business

The Skala-R platform, inherited by Sergei Matsotsky after his departure from IBS, will now begin to develop within the framework of a separate independent business of the same name. This was reported to CNews by representatives of the Skala-R company created for this project.

“The new role will allow Skala-R to develop more dynamically, consolidate the status of an independent manufacturer in the Russian technology market and form a partner network for active joint promotion and expansion of its presence,” the company explains.

In June 2020, Matsotsky called Skala-R “the most famous Russian hyperconverged computing platform, which has become the basis for many of the most modern information systems.” At that time, the development of Skala-R was carried out by Rubitech (formerly IBS Consulting). Now both “Rubitech” and “Skala-R” are in the possession of JSC “GS-invest”, created by Matsotsky.

According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Skala-R LLC was registered in Moscow on January 27, 2021. Rubitech Integration LLC owns a 100% stake in it, which, in turn, is 95% owned by GS-invest, and 5% – Igor Vedekhin , CEO and 5% co-owner of Rubitech Holding LLC.

From the date of its registration, Viktor Urusov , the ex-general director of Depo Electronics and the current head of Ridus Data LLC, which is part of GS-invest, has been listed as the General Director of Skala-R LLC. According to Kontur.fokus, Skala-R has not yet registered any government contracts.

Business outlook

According to Viktor Urusov, his company is now experiencing high demand for Skaly-R products from the largest customers. “The company’s immediate plans are to create a partner network and form an ecosystem of advanced Russian developments in the field of system and platform software and computing technology to solve the problems of digital transformation and import substitution,” he says.

From the point of view of the prospects for a new separate business, the fact, mentioned by the company, is noteworthy that today over 100 complexes based on Skaly-R are in commercial operation throughout Russia, which consist of more than 2.5 thousand computing nodes.

The News editors are expecting an answer from the company to the question of what it predicts the indicators of an independent business at the end of 2021.

Some details about the Skala-R platform

At the moment, the Skala-R product line includes virtualization machines for creating a scale-out and fault-tolerant virtualization environment and infrastructure for virtual user desktops, database machines for processing transactions in high-load systems, big data machines for creating a storage platform and analytical data processing … The latter include a number of modules: a storage of semi-structured and unstructured data, an analytical distributed DBMS for massively parallel processing, an ultra-fast distributed computing system in RAM, a columnar analytical DBMS, and a stream data processing system.

The developers point out that the Skala-R products are mass-produced pre-configured complexes and allow their rapid deployment and commissioning. “The modular principle ensures the integration of heterogeneous IT infrastructure components into a single platform for enterprises, corporations and departments,” argues in the Skala-R company. – The use of unified nodes allows you to redefine their roles between different modules and flexibly rebuild the infrastructure when the load changes. Unified support and service for all products of the line from the manufacturer provide prompt resolution of incidents at the intersection of technologies. “

The company emphasizes that the software components used in the Skala-R products are included in the Unified Register of Russian Software under the Ministry of Digital Industry, and the computing nodes are included in the Unified Register of Russian Radio-Electronic Products under the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The Skaly-R website indicates that the company’s developments are used by the Ministry of Digital Industry, the Federal Tax Service, the Ministry of Labor, the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, VTB, the Perm Administration and at the Yantar shipyard.

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