RT TV NETWORK – RT is formerly known as Russia Today.

RT TV NETWORK is an International tv channel own by the state and funded by the tax of Russian Government.

Its broadcasters are in Russia and outside Russia. This Tv Channel provides content in various languages like English , French , Arabic and and Russian etc.

RT operates in  five different languages . In 2005 English language channel launches and in 2007 Arabic channel launched . Spanish in 2009 and French in 2017.

 RT News channel has 100 million subscribers and and 2000 employees working in it and all are graduates and has experienced in working in RT Tv Network.


It is basically non-profit organization and a brand of RT .

It is Russian News Agency. RIA Novosti found on 2005.

 During Economic Crisis in Russian Government.

they headed the Russian Prime Minister ANO Tv-NOVOSTI and for the strategic importance of Russia.

Russian Government Propaganda has been described in RT News and their Foreign policy. News Reporters were also being accused for spreading fake news.



Russian Government in 2005 made its efforts for the Creation of RT News to improve better images of Russia. Former Media Minister Mikhail Lasin conceived by the RT News.

In 2005 ANO-TV(Autonomous Non-Profit Organization TV News) was helped by the RIA Novosti in 2005 to served the organization.

On 2005 ANO Tv was registered and it appointed CEO President name Sergery Folov.

In 2009 News Channel Russia today made its short name and is rebranded as “ RT” initials .

Basic Name of RT is not change Russian Original and want to attract people who are interested in watching this Tv Channel in Russia.

RT is one of the famous News Channels that challenges the United Nations media global channel.

This channel RT was launched on 2005 . Russia employed 300 journalist and 70 of them are outside Russia. Margarita was appointed as editor in chief of Russia Today.


RT launched many new channels  like Arabic language channel Rusiya Al-Yaum and Spanish channel in 2007 and American channel RT America in 2009.

Russia Today reported at North Pole was the first Tv Channel to report in that area and the report lasts for (five minutes and 41 seconds).

RT News attract particular attraction at South Ossetia War in 2008.

In 2011 the Hillary Clinton said that America is loosing information about the war from the various foreign channels like

RT , Al Jazeera and from Chinese channels and also from Voice Of America.


In 2005 RIA NOVOSTI state owned agency was founded and is the biggest agency of Russia.

Its chairperson is Svetlana Mironyuk and has been appointed here since 2003 from its beginning.

 It is an independent organization under the law of Russian.

In 2007 RT News Channel established its offices in the same building of RIA NOVOSTI
and then later it was forced to abolish  them.

RT moved its production studios and headquarters in the Moscow in 2012

Due to the upgradation of English language new programming of  high definition upgradation.

RT News also cooperates with other medias in Russia and outside Euorpe.

like Izvesita , Kommersant and Vedomosti and non-Russian media Assosiation of International Broadcasting and News.com.au.


RT Tv Network was establish in 2005 TV NOVOSTI invest $30 million for its start up for its first year program. Half of the budget of RT came from Russian Government and half from the commercial banks of Russia

Its annual budget in 2007 of $380 million and and then.

It was reduce in 2012 of $300 million .

In 2015 RT News expected to receive 19 million Rubles from the state of Russian Government.


RT News Network has 22 satellites and has 230 operators

Now 700 million people are watching in more than 100 countries.

RT America is watch by 85 million people in household only in America.

In addition to the RT News Channel in English language RT international also runs in

RT America , RT UK and RT Arabic language.

In 2014 there was a much decline in Rubel RT force it to end the channels in German and French.

RT News also has Youtube channels like

RT America , RT Arabic , RT en Espanol and a newly launched channel RT Chinese.

In 2012 RT News signed a deal with Israel based company name RRSAT to provides feed to channel at high definition in America and Asia.

On July 2014 Putin Visited Argentina and announced that he will provide RT News in South American and broadcast free to air service and it is the first Tv Channel to provide free to air service.


RT News audiences are not available worldwide. RT pays to his cable operates and satellite services to carry RT News.

This News Channel  fame spread all over the world that why this is the second most watched channel after BBC

Not also in the world also in the America.


RT News Programming has also been famous that why  this is the second most watched Tv Channel.

It shows various channel to entertain people.


This show ran from 2009 to 2012 and is host by the Alyona Minkovski. One Of the most popular shows of RT .

Alyona Show also does Political Shows with Razor sharp wit.


Another half hour program run by the RT Tv hosted by Adam Kokesh

Who was Anti Marie War Veteran.


In 2017 RT News Live program of tweeting which became top trend #1917 live.

It’s celebrates RT News 100th anniversary.

This 1917 Live project include videos and virtual reality videos.

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