Republic Tv is free to air news channel in India and is launch in 2017.

It is found by the partner of Arnab Goswami and Rajeev Chandrasekhar. Then later on he refused his stake in 2019 and leaving Goswami as major contributor.

Chandrasekhar is an independent parliamentarian from National Democratic Alliance then later on he join the famous political party of India Bharatiya Janata Party.

Then Goswami has become the editor in chief of Indian famous news channel Times Now.

Chandrasekhar funded it’s through the company of Asianet News.  

Then later on this news channel was accuse for reporting false news against Bharatiya Janata Party and giving false information about Islamophobia and writing fake articles.

Then later on it has given the punishment of breaching the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.


Editor in chief of Times Now Arnab Goswami has resigned in 2016 their absence of independence and political differences.

Last edition of this show has been host by him.

A famous fortnight show Newshour Debate this program has investigate the UK broadcast regulatory authority Ofcom.

This program has been investigate by violating the broadcast code.

On 19 December Goswami thought of new project a news channel called Republic

Later on this name was change to Republic Tv by the complaints of famous Indian political and economist Subramanian Swamy.

Republic Tv is the first Indian independent outlet that people of India loved this Channel and has attracted Indians.


Republic Tv is fund by the Asianet Tv a Malayalam news channel which is own and operate by the Rajeev Chandrasekhar

and independent member of Rajya Sabha and main political issues and talks with a famous Indian party Bharatiya Janata Party and is also the vice chairman of National Democratic Alliance.

Their family is also well educate Goswami’s wife Samyabrata and major educationists Ramdas Pai has invest in SARG Media Holding Private Ltd.

Chandrasekhar has always interest in Politics so he joined BJP and resigned from the board in 2018.


The Wire and Newslaundry has come to the Chandrasekhar Group who was attract to his ideology basis.

S. Sundaram has served CFO for many years from 2005 to 2012 he was name as Group CFO.

Vikas Khanchandani Business officer of Reliance Network who has task in NDTV is made CEO of this company.

The founder and The News Minute, Chitra Subramanian was held as editorial advisor.


Republic Tv was launch on 2017 through DTH and cable television services and major mobile platforms like



Republic Tv company has hired 300 people and 215 are on board.

This huge setup is build in Mumbai’s Lower Parel Area.

This channel has also Hindi language outlet name Republic Bharat.



Republic Tv is most loved by the people in India and the most watched English channel in India with 2.11 million impressions and has attracted people in India and 51.9% viewership as per data released by BARC.

It is the most watched English channel in India with no doubt and has also remain on top for 100 weeks since it has launch.

Then after top news channel is run by the DD India.



In 2017 Shashi Tharoor a Parliamentarian filed a case in Delhi High Court against the Goswami and Republic Tv of channel broadcast from 8 to 13 May. He claimed that to resolve his wife unnatural death.


In 2007 BCCL filed complaint against the Prema Sridevi and  Goswami under the Indian Penal Code and information technology act accusing of Ip rights infringement.


In 2018 NBSA News Broadcasting Regulatory Authority of India that Republic Tv should say sorry to the rally of political party and harassing their one of their journalist.

After receiving that complaint Republic Tv removed the video from all of its visiting websites while NBSA filled that appeal.


BARC industrial body in India it is mainly responsible for measurement of television audience. Complaints were coming from the Telecom regulatory Authority of India that News Broadcasters Association against the Republic Tv that this was violating the TRAI’s sector broadcast regulations with unusual practices.


Some channels are fraudly increasing its rating and viewership then Mumbai police has taken action against Republic Tv viewership ratings.

The police said that the channel rating has gone high with low income individuals where people don’t know the English.

Goswami chat with Chief Executive BARC on whatsapp to provide evidences and collusion.

Then in 13 December CEO of Republic Tv was arrest in Mumbai before he granted his bail.

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