May 8, 2021

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Press TV

Press TV


Press TV in style is written as PRESS TV. It is Iran state news channel network own and operate by the Iran. It broadcasts its news in English and French languages. This attach and connect to the Islamic Republic of Iran which in short form it is written as IRIB and is the reliable and the legal radio stations in the Iran.

Its headquarters are located in Tehran where it broadcasts all news and is launch on 2007. Its programming is very good and it competes with other English news channels. In Iran’s article it mainly promotes and focuses on their foreign policy.


The main purpose of this launch of Public TV is to present news, documentaries, images and cover the middle east political affairs the news coverage that appears on the CNN, BBC and Al-Jazeera network.

It is fund the Iran and is the main division of IRIB that all channels of Iran fall under this division and this is the only service to transmit and broadcast radio stations. Its news broadcasts in various countries of Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

IRIB head and highest rank leader is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei according to the the Guardian the Iran’s daily newspaper.

Muhammad Sarfraz the CEO of this news channel in 2007 has said that the western media has divided the media into two categories one in the political and the other is the Al-Qaeda. The CEO want to make sure to the people that this is a different point of view.

It is also doing and started their activities in London in 2007. The network also has website and its website launched on 2007. Press TV first chief and news editor of London is Roshan Muhammad.

On 2009 it annual budget is 250 billion rials which is more in dollars 8.3 million.



News bulletins of this news channel includes government officials, interior ministers of Iran that express the government of Iran. A commentator said that the this is the propaganda channel of Iran.

Press Tv and Al-Alam Tv of Iran made statements about the public diplomacy. It made controversy of Press TV of hosting the coverage of Gaza War founded two mobile phones in the show of George Galloway.

Eleanor Mills The Sunday Times Journalist say before Press TV that she not being ask before Sky News tv channel because of independence and torture in Tehran. Then later on Neda Agha was dead during shooting in Tehran in the protests of the Iran’s election.


In 2011 this news channel accused the Nick Cohen the British Journalist working as the conspiracy of British Jewish power then Press TV would declare that there is no Nazi Network.

In 2012 ADL Anti- Defamation League supposed that Press TV described the Anti-Semitic conspiracy. Press TV also interviews other conspiracies not only his own news interview 9/11 American Conspiracy.

Anti-Sematic reviews are on the case of Press TV and the 9/11 was the “Israeli Mossaed case”.

In recently in 2020 Covid 19 Corona Virus news channel claim that this virus viral due to the Iran this was claimed false.  Both of them were claim false.


On 2010 Maziar Bihari was interviews by the news of Channel 4 he was arreste because of making filming shooting in the protest of the Iranian presidential election 2009.



A radio British presenter LBC he resigned from the news channel on 2009 countries authorities on Iran’s prudential election. Then later on he said that the joining of this channel was dull carrier decisions of my life.


In 2009 The times famous daily newspaper say that the Hassan Abdul-Rehman and David Theodor are one of Press TV chief editors of news department later on they both leave and join the online editor.

Then they said that Press TV is not about real journalism and the journalism is not like the journalism. Then FBI wanted the Dawud Salahuddin for killing the Ali Akbar then Iran government wanted him for his killing.

Sheena Shirani

He worked for this news channel till 2007 to 2016 producer editor and political issues. In his show he claim that the Payam Afshar sexually harassed both were suspend from Press TV.

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