President Joe Biden’s upcoming trip to Brussels and Poland on Europe Trip

According to the United State security advisory president Joe Biden is to be going on a trip for the Brussels and Poland an the Europe trip.

according to current condition of Russia and Ukraine he also discuss about how to solve this critical issue and also discuss with the European leaders to solve this issue. Basically he is going for a NATO meeting with its 29 Allies which he is going to participate. Not only this before that he also address with the 27 leaders of Europeans. There is also the best ever time for him to discuss about the Russia and the Ukraine war and how to solve this by pressure on Russia. How to make the peace in the Russia and Ukraine.

As Russia have a gase production but the Europe country are not doing this for that he will also advise them to move for natural resource and stay away from the Russian Enargy products.

“For our part, since President Biden and the United States began warning the world of impending Russian aggression, back in November, we have clearly and consistently pursued three lines of effort,” Sullivan told reporters. “First, help Ukraine defend itself by supplying weapons and military equipment. Second, impose severe and escalating economic costs on Russia through the application of unprecedented sanctions in close coordination with allies and partners in Europe, the Indo-Pacific and other parts of the world, and third, fortify NATO and the Western alliance by enhancing our force posture on the eastern flank, and making our allies more resilient against other forms of Russian aggression. We’ve made decisive moves on all three fronts, and President Biden’s trip will involve further actions on each of these three fronts.”

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