May 8, 2021

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One News


One news is Philippines 24-hour news channel basically a pay television network own and operate by the Media Quest Holding that provides broadcasting of television and radio.

This news network is the division of Cignal Tv launch on 2018 on satellite and cable providers of Cignal.

It is the first channel to have launched under this media group because this is the new media group working in Philippine at that time.

One network became brand because of its programming and production which comes under Media Quest Holding. It is also known as One Network Media Group.


It also has a sports channel that is very famous in Philippine called One Sports. It has a joint relation with NBC and Cignal Tv. One sport channel mainly airs famous sports including National Football League, PGA Tour and wrestling events also WWE Smack Down.

One sports also has its sister channel One Sports+ which is exactly the same as previous one it is also own by the Media Quest Holdings and carried by the VHF channel 1.


Before the launch of One news this channel is mainly call as Bloomberg Tv Philippine. Later on this channel name was change due to some reasons but name remain same from 2015 to 2018.

From its beginning this channel has joint ventures with Bloomberg L.P a software and media company in New York City in America also has ventures with TV5 also.

This was officially launch on 2018 as One news in Philippine a English language news channel. It has attracted the audience not only in country also at international level.

Various news networks News5, The Philippine network are the main division of the Media Quest. One news gives daily information about what is happening in the world. Nowadays it gives Corona Virus daily update death tolls and vaccinations of people


It has amazing programs that includes Tv shows, political and talk shows that gives information about world and politics.

Because of its programs this news network has attracted wide audience in Philippine.

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