NTV is a news channel in Turkey and is the first channel in the Turkish world. It has joined hands with the MSNBC for its broadcasting and production between 2000 and 2014.

The channel main aim is to focus on politics and news content it not only covers the domestic. Also covers the national and international level to meet the standards of the news word.

NTV news programming is very good and it covers the documentaries on political issues also includes arts, culture and weather

The workers and journalists working in NTV are well educated and degree holders. That’s why because of their hard work this channel is on top. Increasing number of subscribers and viewers this channel has increased up to to 11.5 million viewers.


This news channel was first launched on 1996 launched by the Turkish business man and politician Cavit Caglar’s. By the Nergis Group and is the Turkey first television news channel.

After this launch the other channels learn that and open various channels in Turkey and then this became the part of Dogus Group. This news channels gained various success in the Turkey and that is the era of various news channels.

On 2013 protest was taken place by the Gezi Park and NTV lack of coverage at the Istanbul Head Office and also the staff endurance protest.

Then it made many criticisms and the Dogus Group said that the criticism has extended and our audiences and viewers will say that this channel has lost its content.

Then later on NTV new channel then rejected to air the BBC world news press freedom package of news in Turkey Istanbul. After it also rejected BBC also rejected its response.


On 2016 NTV launched the NTV HD in high definition 1080pi that would air news, sports and entertainment programs in high definition.

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