Nine News in style is written as 9 News.

This Network is in Australia and is the service of Nine News.

Its programs are of one hour its bulletin start at 6:00 pm which is own and operated by the Nine Network studios in Sydney and Melbourne.

Its National bulletins also airs on morning evening and night days of the week at 10:30 pm.

This Network is one of the most comprehensive and competent network of Australia. Its viewers has increased worldwide and has reached over 9.781 million viewers.

In the mid 2000’s it is the highest rank channel in Australia competing with the Seven News of that time.

The News Director and Current Affairs of this channel is Darren Wick.



On 1956 TCN-9 was launch as the Daily Telegraph which is own by the Frank Packer.

Station of this network was first introduce by the John Godson and was present by the Bruce Gyngell. This is the man who appear on the television for the first time in Australia.

Later on GTv-9 starts transmission Summer Olympics in 1956.

In 1967 Rugby Football League in South Wales final of the match was first live match to be air on tv for the first time.

Nine Network has paid $5000 for its rights of broadcasting.



It is half hour program and is airs at 5:00am only on weekdays it presents from the studio of TCN which is in North Sydney present by Alex Cullen.

This was basically pre-recorded bulletins “AM Edition” for the passengers of Qantas.

Bulletins were introduce in early 1990’s as daybreak and in 2003 National Nine Early News to extend at 6am.

A new era of bulletin was launch in 2014 ending the contract with Qantas and was rename as Nine Network Early Edition  and is dedicated as on right on the screen.


It airs at 11:30 am on weekdays presents from the studio of TCN which is in Sydney by Mark Burrows on Monday and Davina Smith on Tuesday.

Morning Bulletins basically known as National Nine Morning News and it has been broadcasting since 1981.

The Morning Bulletins were extend to thirty minutes to one hour on 2009. This bulletins is known as morning edition and was also brand by AM Edition.

In markets of Perth and Queensland local editions are available. On 2014 local editions were launched in Perth name “ Today Peth” but later on this was ended.


It airs on 5:00 pm on Saturdays and is presented by the Studios of GTV by Alicia Loxley.

In 2011 bulletins was launched because Network ten move its weekend bulletin to 6:00pm and two months later this network was relaunched at 5:00pm.

Nine Network at Five does not air in Sydney and Brisbane because of  sports program airing in that time of the program.


Nine News gives updates daily to the people  by their presenters and reporters.

Evening updates are given from Sydney. Late Evening News are given from the Perth.


Nine Network in Australia is named  as to the web Nine News website is most visit website in Australia and is the 19th most visited website and has attracted 4.8 million visitors.


It is online stream of Nine Network and it stream on 8:00 pm on Facebook by Julie Snook . Nine Network announced its Partnership with Facebook on 2019.


This is also an online stream newsroom and it airs on 12:30pm  on weekday presented from Sydney. Its bulletin can also be downloaded.

This was cancel and remove in2019 and now today it  airs as Nine News Now at 3:00pm.


Live streaming is introduce in Nine News website on 2008 at 6:00pm in which it is airs at various cities of Australia like Melbourne and Sydney.

Nine News Morning and Nine Evening is streaming live. People can see their favorite shows online anywhere anytime.

People in Adelaide and Perth can also view this show online. This Live Streaming include press conferences, live and breaking news.


Nine Newsbreak this is basically the app which is only available in iPhone and iPad and was launch on 2011.

Then in 2013 it was merge to Nine Network 9Now app.


Nine Network broadcasts all sports events worldwide. Its flagship sports are Cricket but later on this network lost its rights in 2018.

 Australian Open , National Rugby League and Australian Football League these are the sports that Nine Network airs on Tv.

Nine Network and other popular sporting events include State of Original Series , Gillette T20 and Test Cricket until it lost broadcasting rights in 2018.

Nine Network became the first television network to broadcast sports in 3D. The broadcast was State of Original Series.


The Nine Network has standard and has high digital programming. Various HD channels are available at Nine News.

  • 9HD

Nine Network launched a high definition channel 9HD on their Channel90 on 2001 along with digital tv in Australia . On 2015 Nine Network updated their HD channel to 1080i HD.

  • 9NOW

It Is basically a catch up Tv and the service run by the Nine Network. This service was available on 2016 replacing the 9Jumpin.

9Now also airs live streaming shows like 9Gem, 9Go and 9 Rush.



It is basically a short bulletins and it airs at 7:00 pm on weekdays at Nine High Definition multichannel HD.

It presents by the Peter Overton. Later on this was present by the Sylvia Jeffreys.

Then this bulletin was end on 2013.


It airs on weekdays at 3:00pm.Basically a news magazine show

It presents from the Sydney studios by Amber Sherlock.

This is mix coverage of entertainment and sports shoes.


Nine News also has Tv Shows like

  • Nine News Now
  • Weekend Today
  • This Afternoon
  • Nightline
  • Nine News Queensland
  • Nine News Sydney

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