Newsmax TV is an American news channel a 24-hour news channel that provides free to air service to the people.

It is own by the Newsmax Media a conservative American website found by the Christopher in 1998.

The channel main aim is to focus only on talk shows where all political and opinion-base issues are discuss. Its issues are discuss throughout day and night and produce a film of theories on every weekends.

This news channel mainly broadcasts the US presidential election and made many theories about voter fraud.

The founder and CEO of this channel is Christopher Ruddy launch on 2016 and has got top rating in America.

Newsmax TV has 35 million subscribers through Direct Tv and Dish Tv this channel is provided by the satellite providers.

 It has 75 million viewers in cable homes and digital media devices Newsmax studios is in New York.


Some of the programs of Newsmax TV are host by the conservative media famous personalities. The owner of Newsmax always compare this channel with Fox news because company has hired many famous hosts from Fox news.

 Many of them are Greg Kally, Bob Sellers, Heather Childers addition of famous personality the channel become the leading cable network in America.


In 2014 US news organization was launch and it announce that there would be a channel that would compete with, CNN, Fox news and other famous channels. In this case it has signed a deal with the Direct Tv for its better production.

It made this channel in competition of the Fox news and main aim of this channel is to provide accurate news and content

 Dennis Michael Lynch has first in this channel on 2016 the program was end after the first news. They will leave the channel and made many false comments on Fox News and censure the reporting on Trump campaign.

Then this network was shepherd from the New York studio for commercial break and later on replaced by the radio show.


During the campaign of US presidential election, the Trump encouraging the Newsmax over the Fox News.

 This situation become clear about the it become the first news outlet to call the Arizona for challenger Joe Biden which is against him.

After all this Joe Biden won the presidential election Newsmax TV conspiracies theory and other conditions take place. In this election that Trump is showing incomplete loyalty to Trump that cause him of his loss in the US.

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