April 14, 2021

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New Tang Dynasty Television

New Tang Dynasty Television


New Tang Dynasty television is basically an American television broadcaster. It is call as NTD. This news channel airs in various languages.

It is found by the believers of Falun Gong a religious movement and is bases in New York City. It is basically a Chinese language news channel and is found in 2001.

This news channel can be found in various languages you can access this channel in various languages.

This channel mainly focuses the mainland china. The name of this channel arises from the ancient history of Tang Dynasty.

The company considers the Chinese golden age of spirituality and civilization and it is know for high moral cultural achievements.


Believers of Falun Gong a new religious movement founded this channel in 2001. This channel main aim is to promote the culture of china and to provide full coverage to human right issues of China.

New Tang Dynasty Television said that channel should expand its language to English, Persian, Russian and many other languages.

The network of this channel shows content of culture, art, travel and programming channels of children. NTD has its partners in over 70 countries.

NTD broadcasting in North America started in 2002. It air in North America via satellite. NTD satellite coverage reaches in various continents in Asia, Europe and Australia.

This New Tang Dynasty Television station broadcast is very amazing and has 200 million viewers globally. Only in china it has 50 million viewers according to the Wall Street Journal.

NTD also donates to the deserving people this is well for its generosity. NTD has total income of $5.3 million only $2.4 million it give 3000 donations.

Now present in 2021 NTD has started broadcasting in UK and Ireland because there was much demand of the people to see NTD in their area.

CGTN a Chinese television network already airing in UK, NTD was the second to air in the UK.


The Epoch Times and Sound of Hope NTD is also with them discover by the believers of Falun Gong who has been transfer to the west. Most of the staff of Falun Gong provide time and service to their people.

Falun Gong is discover by the Li Hongzhi he say that along with our media The Epoch Time and their dance troop.


NTD Broadcasts 24/7 a day and has amazing and original programing. Its programming mainly incudes news, culture, travel, entertainment and many more of the people’s choice.

This station of this network is well known for the news its news and programming is love by the people in china after CGTN. It also criticizes the Chinese government and also human rights issues of China as discussed earlier.

The Wall Street Journal report that station of this network broke out news of SARS disease in 2003 a week before when this news is not broke Chinese government say that this is a pandemic.


NTD programming also available on You tube another channel name of this network NTDonChina run by the Chris Chappell on 2012.

It’s broadcasting language is Mandarin in New Dynasty television it also shows Chinese language subtitles once a week.


It is basically a Chinese, Korean online news program  it mainly focuses Chinas political issues. The host of this show is Chris Chappell.

China Uncensored blocked by the Apple Tv in 2017 because of some laws and this program also banned in Hong Kong and Taiwan.


This also airs online You tube and is widely air call Edge of wonder is criticize by the theory of QAnon. This basically describes the QAnon believers.


Chinese embassy is establish in America for many years. In America it cast down the viewers for watching NTD channel such as Chinese New Year gala and anti-china propaganda introduced by the Americans.


NTD channel also available in Canada as NTD Canada. It is officially launch by the Roger Cable on 2008 on famous Bell Fiber TV and again in 2012 on Shaw Cable.

NTD Canada also available in Novus Entertainment.

On 2012 NTD Canada officially launch on 2012. This channel is for local Canadians national. It programming airs in various languages Mandarin, English and French.

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