Network 10 is simply call as Channel 10 it is basically Australian Television network. A commercial television network owned and operated by the Australia.

Its operated stations are in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane its stations also affiliates in regional parts of Australia.

It is hold by the ten network and is hold by the Viacom CBS, UK and Australia. Network 10 is famous channel in Australia.

It is rank fourth in Australia behind various channels like Nine and Seven News and ABC Tv.


Tv introduce in 1956 until 1965 there are three most popular television networks in Australia, the National Television Network now today it is call as Nine News and Seven News.

In 1960’s the Government of Australia begin to examine the license of third Australian television network in capital city.


This network was launch on Australian capital city in Melbourne as ATV-0 on 1964. At that time it is own by the Ansett Transport Industries which is domestic airlines of Australia.

Ten-10 Sydney then launch on 1965 which is owned and operated by the United Telecast.

TVQ-0 open in Brisbane and later this month SAS-10 open in Adelaide.

It initially dubs  Independent Television Network or ITS in 1970 and it adopts the title The 0-10 network

with related launch stations in the group ATV and TEN.

In 1967 ATV Melbourne is the first television network to broadcast in color. The color broadcast was racing of horses in Pakenham Victoria.


From it’s beginning this channel has not so much experience channel is facing serious troubles. In 1970 channel is facing financial problems and the people was predicting that this channel would fail.

Then channel launch a new program that its channel rating has increase Young Talent Time this show ran 17 years with great success.

This network become national in 1988 after the launch of NEW-10 in Perth satellite was introduce which is economical for broadcasters.


Ten Network rating declined in 1989 because of addition of boss Bob Shanks and it rebranding it as 10 Tv Australia.

From its launch it introduces new programs of game shows.

10 Network rating still not has improve it causes cancellation of various new programs. Northern Star Holding also has financial problems then inquiry was send to Australian Broadcasting tribunal related to financial problems.

In 1992 its flagship channels was given to Canadian media group


The network has recovered financially and has become top trend on Australian Stock Exchange.

Then ten network has sign agreements with Southern Cost Broadcasting in Victoria and Tasmania.

The famous program Big Brother has opened the doors for its television rights the opening of its show has broken the record for most watch program. T

hen later on it launch the musical show Australian idol it has become famous until 2009.

Ten Network is best in 2004 because it has won two rating awards because of being on top.

On 2007 Ten HD was launch it is first channel to break away all the records and is the first commercial channel in Australia since 1988.


On 2007 it has become the division of CBS Studio International. On 2010 new logo of network 10 is made replacing the “ten” in style it is written as 10.

This new brand is use in all platforms of Network 10. On July 2010 Network 10 announced that it would launch its third new digital channel 10 Shake.

This mainly includes programs for children in daytime only which is primarily aired on Nikelodeon.



Network 10 local programs include:

  • The Masked Singer Australia
  • Family Feud
  • Australian Survivor
  • The Amazing Race Australia
  • Studio 10
  • Making it Australia
  • Ambulance Australia


This Network 10 also broadcasts movies and television titles form NBC Universal in 1990s and DreamWorks from 2012-2019 and Miramax from 1990 to 2019.

Miramax and DreamWorks belong to Nine Network from 2018 20th Century Fox belong to Nine and Seven Network.


This network sports channel is major channel in Network 10. Its sports broadcasts and its sister channels are label as 10 Sports brand.

Nine Network has withdrawn with the rights of Formula One Championship in 2002 then Network 10 Sports started broadcasting.

Cricket series and famous cricket league Big Bash was all broadcast on Network 10 Sports.

In 2010 it also sign the rights of Melbourne Cup Carnival


Network 10 is available in HighDefinition HD display and 1080pi. Its programming and network is high definition which it operates in various stations of Australia.

10 HD

It is also called 10 HD multichannel and is launch on 2007. It broadcasts amazing programming at 1080pi HD.


This network is video and catchup tv service called 10 Play and is launch on 2013.

The service of this network is available on via mobile apps, smart tv boxes and video game consoles.

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