April 14, 2021

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New Delhi Television is also called as NDTV. It is basically an Indian news channel mainly focuses on news and it also broadcasts digital news for the people.

This company is the main brand of Indian broadcasting company and it is considered as independent news channel in India.

It is the 24/7 news channel in India owned and operated by the NDTV India company. This Network has also won awards it has won 32 Ramnath Goneka Excellence in Journalism Awards and is consider as most prestigious rewards of India.

NDTV establish in 1984 by Radhika Roy a journalist and the economist Prannoy Roy both of them are husband wife and from the city of Kolkata.

NDTV is the main production house for the news segment in India. This 24/7 news channel has partnership with STAR India in 1998.

Between1998 and 2003 STAR India will produce all news segment of NDTV. This has become the biggest broadcasting network of India with the launch of Hindi and English News Channel.

NDTV launch a new channel NDTV Profit basically a business channel. Later on this channel name changed to NDTV Prime for entertainment and comedy.



Radhika Roy and his husband Prannoy Roy in 1984 founded New Delhi Television. It began its news as public sector broadcaster Doordarshan as their international satellite.

Later this channel was not commercial it become commercial network in 1988 and has become the independent television network in India.

Doordarshan wanted the slot of weekly program The World This Week basically a magazine program of Bhaskar Ghose director general of public broadcaster.

A magazine program This World This Week continued to air till 1995. It airs only on Fridays at 10:00pm. Then in 1993 CNN wanted to join hands with NDTV for the weekly news bulletin because CNN is the most watch channel in the world.

Addition of CNN has made NDTV most rated programs on Doordarshan. The news of this channel covers bulletin such as 1989 Tiananmen Square Protests, Fall of the Berlin Wall these all of them covered from the NDTV.

In 1997 Rathikant Basu Doordarshan general director has left this broadcaster and has join Star Network in India.


In 1998 NDTV has join hands with Rupert Murdoch’s Star network for five year contract plan. This agreement is on the basis of that this network will produce all the news content.

The CEO of Star India has said that partnership with NDTV is very helpful for the network. STAR India launch on 1998 and is the first independent 24/7 news channel in India. It airs both in English and Hindi languages.

Network news bulletin airs at 9:00pm in the channels of Star Plus and Star World. Another main step of NDTV is it launch its website in 1999 ndtv.com. In this website it has live news streaming and live updates of daily politics.

Then later on it launch Tamil language news channel which is run by the Star Network.

In2002 Star Network was willing to continue with NDTV but complete editorial given to this amazing news channel. Relations with NDTV and Star Network fell apart and the contract was not reviewed but this network still producing news segments for Star network till 2013.


After the partnership end with Star Network, this network start producing news as an independent broadcaster. Both of its channel under his brand invested $25million for its advertising.

Then it turned into a network of One Alliance and join the Sony and Discovery Inc. This Network launches two channels in 2003 NDTV India and NDTV 24/7 which is in Hindi and English languages.

This news network is the most watch news channel of people in India and has second most viewership after Aaj Tak channel in India which is in Hindi and English language.

Increase in the competition this news network continue to grow in 2005 because there much rise in competition in news industry so this network establish 19 offices and studios across India.

This channel has also agreements worldwide and overseas because of its growing audiences in USA,UK, South America and Middle East.


In January 2008 news network partnership with American mass NBC Universal the main reason behind this partnership is to expand the entertainment industry in India.

NBC will take 26% stake with net value of $600 million. This also launch image picture music and entertainment and NDTV Imagine Showbiz and movie channel NDTV Lumiere.


the most popular news network of India operates two news channels and one information channel. There are also many channels which are run by joint ventures between various companies.


NTDV 24/7 is the news channel in English and is the most aired news in India being a inheritor of Star News.

It is also available internationally with direct partnership with Time Warner Cable and Direct Tv in US. It mainly broadcasts its programming through Asian Television Network.

NDTV lifestyle channel is launch in India and is the first lifestyle channel called NDTV Good Times. It has also partnerships with BEXIMCO in Bangladesh.


NDTV coverages are available outside India where people can easily access. Its website ndtv.com is the most visited website in India where people can access all kind of news.

This network also has separate web portals like Smarty Cooky which is food portal called NDTV Food.

The good thing is that this news is also available on mobile apps people can access easily on mobile with a subscription of ₹550.

On Twitter It is the most important news channel all the important information can be found on NDTV along with The Indian Express and the Times Of India.

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