Knowledge of the language alone is not enough

New Master’s Program Prepares Oriental Political Scientists to Forge Connections with Arab Countries

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As part of the open day of the State Academic University of the Humanities (GAUGN), a presentation of the master’s program in the direction “The Arab World in World Politics” was held. What are her main areas of study and what are the prospects for employment of graduates – in the material Indicator.Ru.

Events in Israel are now attracting great interest in the East. Moreover, due to tense relations with the US and the EU, representatives of Russian business are planning to expand and establish contacts with the eastern countries. 10 years ago in Russia there were only 2-3 main institutes where Arabists were trained. Now the situation on the labor market is changing, and more and more specialists in oriental studies are needed, there are areas of oriental studies that did not exist before. In the USSR, graduates of Oriental studies became either scouts or journalists, or they read ancient Arabic manuscripts all their lives.

Today, the direction of Middle Eastern journalism is actively developing, embassies need specialists who know the culture of the region well, and company representatives need experts in business matters. Master’s programThe Arab World in World Politics is the first educational program in Russia that will train highly qualified specialists in the current processes of political and socio-economic development in Arab countries. Such a program will occupy an important niche in the higher education of the Russian Federation. Now there are bachelor’s programs for training orientalists who teach language and culture and do not have time to understand the current situation in the east. And there are political scientists who are well versed in contemporary problems, but do not know the history of the region. The solution to this problem was the creation of a separate master’s program , which makes it possible to carry out the political science of the eastern regions in two years of additional education.

“We intend to immediately include the masters of this program in scientific research, round tables and academic events,” said Vitaly Naumkin, head of the program, dean of the Oriental Faculty of GAUGN and academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The program managers have not forgotten about the preparation of future teachers. Within the framework of the magistracy, it was proposed to start teaching pedagogy to former students. Thus, young people will not forget about their student needs and will help find the best approach to the younger generation.

Igor Matveev, senior researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, lecturer at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, spoke about the prospects for employment of graduates in business.

“Now more and more specialists are in demand who can study the market and competition mechanisms in Arab countries. Business ethics, marketing specifics and legal aspects of doing business – all this is strikingly different from the approach in Western countries and contains a huge number of pitfalls and nuances. Often, knowledge of the language alone is not enough to establish a partnership with an Arab company. It is in such cases that highly qualified political scientists-orientalists are required “

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