May 8, 2021

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India Ahead

India Ahead


India Ahead is a 24-hour English news channel based in India launched on 2018. The channel main aim is to provide accurate news, breaking news, political issues and sports and entertainment also.

 Its programming is top rank in the world. Its famous programming is spread not only in Asia also in international and worldwide.

This news channel is own and operated by the Andhra Prabha Media Group a daily newspaper in this country.

 All the news channels of India are mainly in Hindi and Bengali. So this is the first channel in English language that came out of South India.

India Ahead programming is very famous in Bharat and has increased up to 3 million viewers it programs and content provides true information to the people of India.


The Media Group Andhra Prabha over 80 years has amazing and excellent journalism and very curious about the independence. This Media Group entered in the English language instead of Hindi language that’s the main difference in that.

India Ahead headquarters are located in Hyderabad some of their offices are in Hyderabad. But their head office are held in Delhi where all other media offices are held.

From Delhi it provides all their news content, creates and broadcasts programming. The best thing of this news channel is its main theme “Its Good News” it highlights this theme for making the people proud and the upcoming generations.

The CEO and director of this news channel is Chetan Sharma the famous personality, anchor journalist which leading the all media houses in Bharat Zee News, NDTV, ESPN.

Famous personalities and journalist are running this news network are Sudha Sadanand, Sourav Sanyal, Jujhar Singh are leading personalities of this news network.


This channel rating has increased the no.1 channel in terms of viewership among different channels. This channel is love by the people in different states of India including Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.


This new network provides quality content to the people of Bharat this channel is widely provided in India by cable operators and D2H platforms.

This channel is also available on website where you can watch all type of live content and listen news. You can also download app for this channel which is easily available on mobile.

This channel provides content in HD high definition 1080pi that’s why this channel is love by the users of India.

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