In UK By-Elections win by Liberal Democrats

As the UK election held today in this regards Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party lose the election which is Mid term election. As the opposition says that this is weeks of scandal’s and the sperade of Covid 19 due to which the mid term election held in UK.

From third biggest party of England of North Shropshire the Liberal Democrat Helen Morgan get 23000 votes and win this election held on Thursday.

The third biggest party of england wins the election from 1983 and there is every election held in England win by the conservative party mostly this wining from the Rural area of UK England

In this night the peoples of North Shropshire spokes loudly on the behaves of the British peoples. People of England listen this voice clearly and enjoy with this voice “Party is ended”. These all movements are held in the victory speech by Morgan.

Our country is searching for leadership. Mr Johnson You are not a leader

After Hours of election the Johnson says he should have to take responsibility for outcomes

In all humility, I accept the verdict

the embattled prime minister said

It’s so colossal for Boris Johnson because he’s been surrounded by scandals recently and they’ve made the most of it here really deep into Tory heartland


This election is best for the workers and the scandal cause the defeats of elections. As this election is defeated by the coservative party of england and they says about this as Deep Disappointing. This is a realy realy disappointing and sad news for all the conservative party of england and with this they have to face re election after two years of elections

Some news from the last weeks poeple of England says that as this is panic condition of Covid 19 the member of Coservative party are ding christmas party and they are aware of the lockdown condition this is also another bad news seen by the peoples

As the speration of new form of covid is going on Omicron in which there is speration of virus is going fast. Due to which there is a greate number of people get effected due to which the overall cast is rised. This is another form which count the lost of elections.

UK BY-Election
UK BY-Election

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