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i24 news is an English news channel based in Israel a 24-hour international television channel located in Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv Israel.

Its broadcasts its programming in various languages in English, French and Arabic. This news channel also airs in national and international level. Patrick Drahi is the owner of this channel and CEO is Frank Melloul.

On 2017 i24 news started broadcasting in the United States and it airs in New York daily from 6 and 10pm which is very famous.

The channel main aim is to focus mainly on news and its content and it also focuses on programming and broadcasting.


This channel launched on 2013 the state of Melloul said that Israel would tackle the facts and ignorance about the battle.

 Leading anchor English language journalist of i24news Lucy Aharish she is serving this channel till 2013 and resigned in 2016.

All the preparations were ended in the launching of English language channel in 2016. It broadcast “Morning Edition”, “The Daily Beat” has been put back to 26 minutes news bulletin.

i24 news launched in United States on 2017 and its main headquarters are located in Jaffa.

Times Square is major commercial and tourism intersection it broadcasts its live programming in it and its bureaus are in USA.

i24 news journalists has seek talent from Al Jazeera America they have hired talented staff from there. The editor in chief David Shuster also has 40 years’ experience of working in CBS network.


On 2018 it started it broadcasting in Israel it also offers in various countries including West Indies, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Spain. Its live streaming is also famous.

It is now broadcasting in USA on the Optimum channel 14 this channel is now available in the UK in English language.


This news channel s various anchors

  • Emily Francis
  • Sarah Coates
  • Eylon Levy
  • Jeff Smith


This news channel broadcasting is very amazing this channel airs in high definition 1080pi. It launched its high definition channel in 2017.

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