Huawei will Waive its internal service merchant rent and return received ones

From an official latter its conformed that Huawei President has Waive the rent of internal service merchant in a confirmation. In this letter its also conform that this wave begun from 1st October 2021 and also in this year

From next month means of 1st April to 31 December Huawei Will refund all the sum of collected funds to concern Merchant company. There is also in a discussion that the wave in rent is granted till 31 march 2022.

As there is a wave of covid 19 to till now employees are working in the offices to improve them and the pandemic pressure and operating pressure the company take this serious issue notice.

Not only do this for Waivers but also take care of existing employees, The official of company pay special thanks to all that they work hard struggle for the company in this difficult time.

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