Huawei P40 Pro Having EMUI 12 is launching updates in Feb 2022

I have a global version of Huawei P40 and i am getting a smart notification about to updates of Huawei P40 software. The current version of EMUI is 11 now its time to rolling out to 12. There is also security updates are to be going to install

With this update there is not only security but also the display features are to be changes. With the change of all the things there is also the chnage in the software look and feel.

As every update provides the data about which changes are to be going on. In this data there is also to be disscuss about change in EMUI 11 to This download have a small size of 328 MB’s and this is the smart file. One thing to be kept in the mind that this software or anyother update provided is consiste of batches. You have to be patience and wait for the complete update on your smart phone.

As the phone is not updated but the software version is updated to This is the best for all the P40 series smart phones there is all the best info to be offered by our website.

As this smart phone is first in this series for update to There is all the smart features like smoth control panel and lage icon offered bu huawei. In this term all are to be according to Harmony os.

As this the time of development of EMUI 12 in P40. After some time this version is to be rollout to all the huawei models.

How to update EMUI 12 in Huawei P40

Update is very simple as some times due to updation there is some data is lost . To avoid this you need to backup all the files.

You should do the following method to do the updates.

  1. Open Setting
  2. Scroll down or search for updates
  3. Scroll down and click on software update
  4. Click on the updates button and its start download to updates

When all the files download then the phone start updates and in this time its restart one or more time, Don’t be silly and just wait for restart and wait until you found home screen. Now software is ready to do work

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