GMA News Tv is generally called as GNTV an English language news channel in Philippine provides free to air service. It is own and operated by the Citynet Network Marketing and Production (a station in Philippine) a partner of GMA Network Inc.

GMA News Tv was initially launch on 2011 it has become famous news channel in Philippine only second that has join with the ZOE and GMA.

This network stops his programming and operation on 2021 in order to give way to GTV.


GMA News Tv is develop in substitute for “Q” a television network in Philippine which mainly features entertainment, dramas, comedy shows and also GMA News and public affairs.

Unveiling of GMA News Tv was in 2011 through 24 Oras network broadcasting ending the broadcasting of “Q” network and a new service is launch on 2011.

ZOE broadcasting network originally being the flagship station serving this network till the start of 2019. The contract of this network and block time service payments and decreasing profits of GMA.

Then later on this agreement was end by the end of 2019 then GMA Manila Tv resigned and channel 27 started broadcasting

This channel first and last English language news broadcast launched on 2019 GMA regional tv weekend.

Due to the Corona Virus outbreak this channel was close down due to the quarantine period then returned with limited time programming. On September 21 its regular programming started by 24 Oras.


There is a plan for this network is to launch the sports channel which is same copy of the GMA News Tv which includes sports. They mainly shifted the GNTV’s news channels into the sports channel in 2020 and entertainment which includes dramas, comedy.

Sports channel has the rights of broadcasting the NCAA and PSL games with the sister channel named Hallypop. (an American channel the partner of GMA Tv).

On 2021 it is announce that there will be a new name of GMA News Tv in short form it is rebrand as GTV. But later it changed to GNTV. The new branded name initially broadcasts sports, entertainment and news.


GNTV other programming includes public affairs the channel also airs entertainment programs. Which includes lifestyle, cooking shows, talk shows, morning shows, travel and animated series also. It also shows movies which is produce by the GMA.


This news channel provides free to air service on Channel 27 Metro Manila also airs on 28 different stations. Its all programming is carried by the satellite and cable operators.

This channel also available on digital transmitters of GMA in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao.


This channel would launch international version GMA channel called GMA News TV International on 2011. With other sister channels name GMA Pinoy Tv and GMA life Tv.

This news channel has first international special events includes coverage of the Eleksyon 2013 a midterm election in Philippine.

It also produces coverage in Australia which includes Fetch Tv and Access Tv in Japan. UBI World Tv launched by this network on 2011 which mainly features various programs.

This news channel has made easy access to the people of Philippine which is now available on Singtel Tv in SD.

GMA News Tv also launched in Hong Kong through Now Tv provider in 2015. In New Zealand and Australia it is available through top streaming service Lyca Tv.

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