Globovision is a television news channel in Venezuela and Latin America it is a 24-hour news channel provides free to air services in that region.

It also provides services in various states including Aragua, Carabobo and Caracas via the UHF channel 33.  

This news channel can be seen in Venezuela through and cable and satellite operators.

Globovision has an association with Direct Tv a broadcasting service provided by the America through cable service.

United Nation people and viewers can also see the programs of Globovision through cable operators and TV Venezuela.

Latin America people can also see this famous news channels include various countries Argentina, Chile, Peru and other territories includes Tobago and Barbados.


Globovision news channel was launch on 1994 Luis Teófilo Núñez Arismendi, Nelson Mezerhane Gosen was the main personalities in inauguration of this channel via the Channel 33.

This is the first news channel in Venezuela that provides free to air service. The best thing about this channel is that it broadcasts in various countries and territories.

Globovision is carries by the various cable stations in different countries. Its programming and broadcasting is very amazing.

On 2009 there was a attack on the Globovision the attackers go into the news channel headquarters and opened up the gas many of the journalists were left injured.

In 2013 this news channel was sell to the businessman and economists for Venezuela government corrections and arrangements. But there is still treat of the again attacks.


Globovision has relations with man channels which includes CNN, Canal N, Channel 13, Channel 4 and Channel 8.


Globovision has many relations with the government it is deeply criticize by this government due to the demonstrations of Carmona.

This news channel is still broadcasting and programming outside Venezuela through various satellite and cable operator.

Micro equipment is still latest thing which is use for live telecasting but Venezuela government has ban this equipment.

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