France 24 is a French television network based in Paris. It is own by the state of French Government.

This channel broadcast in various languages like French , English , Arabic and Spanish etc.

This Channel is basically based in Paris.

Paris and its neighbouring countries. The service of this channel was launch on 2006.

It is pay television network by the cable operators and it only aimed at worldwide market place.

France 24 also has online services. It began services on iPhone and android apps. This channel also provides live streaming on website in which website can provide

breaking news, political shows and entertainment shows.

France24 has 30 different satellites and 154FM frequencies that’s why it is watch by most of the people in France.

France 24 has 87.1 million viewers via worldwide. It  is lovable channel of the people on internet and people those are on Tv.

This Channel  is hold by the  France Medias Monde have shares of various partners like Groupe TF1 and France Televisions and has a annual budget of  €100 million.


France24 made its efforts to broadcast it on four different channels in English , French and Spanish.

Programming of France24 provide new coverages, new reports and mainly magazines of the latest information.

This channel also start sharing night time programming of French language in 2016.


FIRST PROJECT(1987-1997)

French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac  has a desire to launch a French Television Network in 1987 into the current international broadcasters from France like Radio France International and TV5.

In 1990 Gulf War CNN has the rights of international broadcasters and has major role of information.

Then parliamentary minister wanted French television network that world fight with the CNN.

In 1993 Euro News was created and is launch  with French language this is more complex and fragmente and is more costly.

Then there was a need for another news channel that could be easily available to people in France.


The Channel was launch after the orders from the cabinet Ministry of Culture and Information on 30 December 2006.

France24 was initially launched on 6 December 2006 and is available online by the satellite providers covering France and rest of the areas like

Europe , Middle East and Africa.

It also air on United States especially in the New York and the state of Columbia

and it is air one in English and other in French.

April  2007 this channel increased its various heights and this would launch in Arabic that would get viewers from the Arab world and Middle East.

In January 2012 France24 and Radio France Television world combine and merge this is not final and yet is to be finalize on 2012.

After its launch of France24 a survey conducted by the TNS Sofres 75% of the people of France thought that France24 gives “useful and authentic news”.


France24 was launch in various languages but in 2008 President announced that he would reduce its broadcasting and production only in French.


France24 Programming and broadcasting is very popular. It is English Language News Channel.

 This Channel wants to compete with BBC and CNN international.

This channel basically put intentions on right news and cultures of the world

.This channel also competes with Al-Jazeera News Channel.

France24 Arabic competes with Al Jazeera Arabic , BBC Arabic and Sky News Arabia.

A new Spanish language was launch in 2017 like CNN en Espanol and CGTN Spanish. France24 wants to compete with all of them.

The French Government has given €100 for this project.

France24 has been given green light by European Commission in 2006.So that they would not breach European Union rule.


This News Network launch new channel called France info on 2016 and is simulating on France24 6:00am daily.


This Channel is manage by the management and supervisory board. France24 has also been part of national program company from its creation in 2006-2008.

This News Network two main source of funding by the fee , household equipped with television.


France24 Channel has various shows like political shows , sports shows and entertainment shows etc.

  • Beyond Business
  • The Business Interview
  • Business Matters
  • Reporters
  • Talking Europe
  • Encore
  • Tech24
  • Middle East Manners
  • The Political Brief
  • The Interview

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