April 14, 2021

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Eurosport is European sports channel and the branch of Discovery channel. It broadcasts all kind of sports and it has the rights of all sports but does not bid for major football leagues.

In 2015 it has given all the rights to broadcast famous Olympics Games from 2018 to 2022 with worth of €1.3 billion.

Olympics Games commentary and footage shown by the Eurosport is very outstanding and is found in various languages.

This channel is widely available in 54 different countries in different languages providing main sporting events. It was first launch on 1989 as an European satellite.


Its sporting events includes

  • Premier League
  • Coupe de France
  • Indian Super League
  • FA Cup
  • Major League Soccer
  • UEFA Europa League
  • Asia Cup of Nations


It also has many major sporting events like Paris Dakar Rally and Monte Carlo Rally.

It also broadcasts World Athletics Championships and European Athletics championships and most famous Tour de France a bicycle race contest held every year.

Its tennis events include Australian Open, French Open and US open are famous tennis contests.

This channel other sporting events include World Championship Snooker, National Hockey and World Boxing Super Series and many other famous sports.

On 2017 it has got the international rights from 2017 to 2020 of Lega Basket Serie A in short form it is called LBA.

It has also the right of Italian Basketball Supercup competition.

It has signed an agreement with World Boxing Super Series that it will broadcast all live competitions from Spain.

In 2019 it has signed an agreement for 3 years to broadcast ATP tennis tournaments.


Its events is mainly known as ‘KSO Kigema Sports Organization Ltd‘ which is mainly responsible for management, production and division.

It mainly airs Intercontinental Rally Challenge basically a car sporting events and one of the famous FIA European Touring Car Cup.

It also airs bike racing competitions of Moto GP and Super Bike World Championship including various countries Netherlands, Romania, France and Greece.

On 2015 it has signed a deal with broadcasting rights of Formula One.


Before the launch of this sports channel Broadcasting Union of Europe consider that there should be a broadcasting rights of their own. Its members could not broadcast its own rights because there was much chance of rights exploitation.

This channel launched on 1989 before launch Sky television is considered as their commercial partner late it change to Sky One.


In 1991 this sports channel close down for some reasons after competing with the Screensport it is very famous sports channel till Eurosport was not launch then it has filed a case to European commission for its permanent structure.

Then later on this was save to TF1 Group for its construction. Then later after in 1993 a satellite channel Screensport combined with this channel was taken to TF15 and BSkyB is its permanent partner.

A new sports channel has given the rights to broadcast in the same month.

In 2007 Yahoo Europe and Eurosport combine to form a brand website in which it will used as a portal which includes news of sports, live Tv in various countries like UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Germany.

In 2008 Online subscription service was launched by the Eurosport that will allow the users to watch both channels Eurosport and Eurosport 2.

 It mainly broadcasts Australian Open and coverages only tennis. Then in 2012 Discovery channel has taken 20 % stake from Eurosport from its TF1 Group.


The Eurosport sports channel rebranded in 2011 with a change of new logo and presenting style of Eurosport also change.

This channel become a new identity in the sports world and website. On 2015 it has taken 49% stake in this venture.



This is the main channel of Eurosport a high definition sports channel launch on 2008. The channel first sports event is French Open and Ronald Ross.

Then again in 2015 its name changed to Eurosport 1HD.


This is the additional channel of Eurosport and it features live sports and news updates. It was launched on 2005 this channel is available in 35 different countries in different languages of English, Sweden, Denmark

Eurosport 2 is describe as the new generation of the sports channel including sports and basketball, Volleyball champion league,T20 Cricket and many more sports events.

Eurosport DK in 2015 in channel was replaced by the Eurosport2. High definition channel of this network is also available Eurosport HD.


It is launch on 2017 as Eurosport Indian version channel. This channel is available on various DTH channels of India.

This channel mainly focuses on the cricket and press conferences. Curently this channel is showing cricket premier leagues, football, horse racing, cycling and rugby also.

This channel has almost 110 million viewers in India. It is also available in High definition in India in various DTH cables.

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