Euro News  is a pan-European pay television news network headquartered in Lyon, France. The network began broadcasting on January 1, 1993, with the aim of bringing world news into the European context.

It is owned by a number of state-owned and state-owned broadcasters in Europe and North Africa and is currently owned by (88%) Media Globe Network, headed by Egyptian billionaire Nagoob Sewaris, chairman of the Board of Governors. It is also a global live streaming news provider that can be viewed in many countries (but not in the United States) through its website, YouTube and various mobile devices and digital media players.


In 1992, after the Persian Gulf War, during which CNN’s position as a source of 24-hour news programming was strengthened, the European Broadcasting Union decided to set up Eurovance to present information from a European perspective. The channel first aired on January 1, 1993 in Clyde, Lyon. An additional broadcasting studio was established in 1996 in London. In late 1997, British news broadcaster ITN bought a 49% stake in Eurozone from Alcottel Lucent for 5. 5.1 million. ITN provided channel content with other stakeholders.

Broadcasting changed from an analog to digital communication in 1999. That same year, the Portuguese audio track was added. A Russian audio track was added in 2001 after VGTR joined as a major shareholder.

On February 6, 2006, Ukrainian public broadcaster Netsolina Telecommunications Ukraine (NTU) bought Susmi with 1% interest.

In 2007, Euroz won a European Commission tender for an Arabic-language news channel, under which a service agreement was signed on 6 December. The Arabic service will finally be launched in July 2008.

On May 27, 2008, the Spanish service broadcaster RTVE revealed the status of the legal development for the new name commission during the tenure of the sensible creator, that the status of the organized area, is looking at different places. For the broadcast of the international channel TVE Internacional.

 TRT bought 15.70% stake in the channel and became the fourth largest partner after France Television (23.93%), RII (21.54%), and VGTRK (16.94%). Subsequently, Turkey was added as a ninth language service in January 2010. In late October of this year, the channel began broadcasting in Persian, then in early 2011 in 16: 9 widescreen format, and in August the Ukrainian service began.

Poland’s service began in mid-2011 between Poland’s presidency of the Council of the European Union, although only a few Syrian broadcasters were translated. This was shortly after it closed in January 2012.

Poland’s service began in mid-2011 between Poland’s presidency of the Council of the European Union, although only a few Syrian broadcasters were translated. This was shortly after it closed in January 2012.

In February 2015, the channel’s executive board approved a bid by the Media Globe Network, owned by Egyptian telecom magnet Nagoib Savers, to acquire a 53% control stake in the media. The agreement raises questions about the future editorial status and independence of the European Union.

On March 13, 2015, it was announced that Ukraine had been annexed by a pro-Russian mediation group owned by a prominent pro-Ukrainian ally, Fritz. In response, the Ukrainian government decided to revoke its broadcasting license due to its alleged bias and withdrew its financial assistance.  Fartash later shut down the scheme and closed the department, leaving 17 journalists unemployed. In October 2015, La Confine lenses, designed by Eurozone Paris architecture firm Jacob + McFarlane, moved into a new global headquarters complex in Lyon and covered a 10,000-meter floor area.


On 2 October 2012, Euronews launched Euronews Radio. However, this service is not available anymore as of December 2020, and the stream at it webpage  or at TuneIn is not functional. The service was designed for viewers with “watching the news is not an option”, with the music channel switching to the “No Comments” category by providing the TV channel with a live smiley cast. The opening music of the bulletin was also broadcast on Eurovision Radio. Weather news read by an announcer.


In January 2014, Euroz announced a partnership with public broadcaster Telecommunications under the auspices of “President Denis Sosovo Nguso” to build the African people. The website, launched on January 4, 2016, was finally launched on April 20 by an African TV channel, broadcast in English and French from Point-Nair in the Republic of Congo.


In November 2016, the channel’s executive board was discussing a “strategic partnership” with NBC Universal, the parent company of NBC News. NBCU will own 15 to 30 percent of the network, contribute to Uri’s content and facilitate the expansion of NBC’s operations across Europe. After successful negotiations with the European Commission, which feared that the partnership would turn Europeans into Americans, NBC Universal News Group finally bought a 25% stake in Euronews in February 2017 for 30 million. Deborah Trans, president of NBC News, was appointed head of international operations, and Michael Peters, the current CEO of Eurovs, who has been leading it since 2004, became CEO of the new partnership. The two reported directly to NBC News’ chairman Andrew Loclock. As a result, the partnership is known as Euroni vs NBC.


The channel is available to 430 million homes in 166 countries worldwide. It reaches more than 170 million European households via cable, satellite and land. It began securing availability on multimedia platforms such as ITTV and digital media.

Euro news launched an application for mobile devices (Android, iPhone and iPad) called “Euroniwz Live”. The application is free and available on Google Play and App Store.Then it was shut down quietly.

The channel’s programmes are also available by podcast, and it has also maintained YouTube channels since October 2007.

In 2013, after buying a large stake in Antenna TVSL, the new commercial channel Planet TV began broadcasting Eurovs in Slovenia. The Euroni Down Plot is broadcast (or signed out) after the TV is turned off, but both call sign logos are displayed.


As of 2018, Eurovsz has begun licensing its name for private and public broadcasters in Central and Eastern Europe, where later, local Eurovsz channels broadcast regional, national, European and international news locally in languages. Is. The first of these channels was the launch of Eurovision Albania.


                                                   In 2019, Eurovision launched its first franchise in Albania through a joint venture with local RTV. The new channel, called Eurozone Albania, is located in the Albanian city of Tiana and covers the western Balkans of Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo and northern Macedonia.


                                                     In 2020, the fall of the Eurozone is to launch a Georgian language channel with the start date of the fall of 2020.


                                                                In 2019, Euroz teamed up with local media group HD-One to launch a Mets-owned channel in Serbia. The new channel is planned to launch sometime in late 2020.


                                                                         In 2021, Euroniws is planning to launch a channel in Romania, with a fall start date of 2021.

Euro News HD

Height Definition (HD) broadcasts were launched on November 2, 2016 by Satellite Hotbird Capability (English audio only). With regard to the audio codec, Eurovs actually used the AC3 format, before converting to the AAC codec in March 2017, and then in the MPEG codec in April 2017.

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