ESPN is American Cable Sports Network. A multinational channel owned and operated by the

 ESPN is originally known as Entertainment and Sports Programming. This Network is own jointly by the Walt Disney Pictures.

Bill Rasmussen founded this company in 1979 along with his son Scott Rasmussen.

This Network studios are in Bristol, England from it broadcast all live sports. Their offices are also in Miami and New York. James Pitaro is the chairmen of this network.

ESPN Sports channel is most watch channel of the people. Its breaking news, highlights and features are very popular that’s why it has 115 million viewers worldwide.

 It is the most successful sports channel of the world. This network reporters and journalists are very hardworking they are highly qualified and degree holders that keeps this channel on top ranking.

In 2018 this network has 86 million household users and 93% with pay television users. Its regional channel operates in Australia, Brazil, Latin America. In Canada it has interest of about 20%.


The concept of this network was first given by the Bill Rasmussen in 1978 who has been fire by World Hockey Association by New Whalers in England.

This was the first time that both son and dad has to leave the channel but this is process of finding this channel broadcasting.

Then later on ESPN was launch on 1979 with the beginning of first telecast to become the flagship channel of the world.

At that time this channel become famous and has broadcast of about 1.4 million subscribers only in the USA.

ESPN next big project was that channel was getting Broadcasting and coverage right of NCAA Men’s Division Basketball Tournament. It was first aired in 1980 with the modern day television “ March Madness”.

The channel of broadcasting was given by the Dick Vitalean American and experience basketball Sportscaster.

Hefirst join the ESPN and later on he was fire from the company despite of being experience.

This network made another channel it began broadcasting NFL Draft .

ESPN provides full coverage to this NFL Draftthat talent from local colleges to begin professional carrier in front of Tv so that people can see them.

In 1992 this sports network launch another project ESPN Radio a radio for the sports talk for commentary and sports information which include sports like

Mike and Mike in the Morning and the Herd show.

In 1993 a secondary channel was launch ESPN-2. It is separate sports  based channel.

This channel is very popular among the ages of 18-to 49 years old because of snowboarding and World Series of Pokers.

This second channel of this network became famous and has reach upto 75 million subscribers.

On April 2018 ESPN become top streaming service known as ESPN+.



This sports channel has always been the most important and essential part of ABC. As their broadcasting rights with sports events televising on this network as their banner.

Their broadcasting right is held by this sports channel such as their  supporting events like

NBA games and X Games and their qualifying events.


It was launch on 1993. It includes coveraging of sports including auto racing , basketball NHL Hockey and BMX and motocross.

A “ ESPN Bottom Line” and ticker are used by all networks of ESPN’s.


It was found by the Brian Bedol as subscription television network in 1995. bought this classic sports channel for $175 million. It mainly includes sports documentaries and sports theme movies.


It was launch on 1996 after ESPN Classic. As a subscription television network. Mainly focus on sports highlights and press conferences.


It was launch on 2005 as subscription television network and it mainly focuses on Basketball , football and college swimming.

SEC Network

It was launch on 14 August 2014 as a subscription television network. It mainly focuses on the sporting events conduct by the Southeastern Conference.



ESPN launch a High definition channel called ESPNHD on 2003. It mainly includes all live supporting events that are broadcast in HD. ESPN non- HD programming presents in 4:3 standard definition.

ESPN, ABC and other such networks broadcasts in 720p resolution format.


Regional channels of this network are own and operated in various countries like Netherlands , brazil , Caribbean . This mainly owns the TSN(The Sports Network).

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