EMUI 12 Features: Motion Effects IU Design and much more

Last week Huawei Launched new Operating system of EMUI 12. Different mobile phone are to be updated. EMUI operating system also updated different features of mobile phone even look feel and emotions. All the animation have attracted all the users. Not only this the users experience also enhanced with which the number of users and the their trust on Huawei technology is increased.

Huawei EMUI 12

As the huawei smart phone introduces Harmoney OS the new operating system is also developed on the base of Harmoney OS. This is the best ever in term of look and feel and security purposes.

Quality Features

Lets start discssion about which new features are to be added in this update and how the use experience is enhance

Minimalist design

As this is represented from this name there is two color design with which the user eye site is not disturbed. In the new and updated models there is round in-depth shape with which the user get more and more attractive. There is basically two color design is offered like white and blue or white and black. WIth this redefined shape the look and feal becomes awasome.

Motion Effects

As all the stars in the world are to be moving freely and smoothly as like them all the new motion features are added to be with best ever quality like smoothness is added. The user can use them feel the best ever. The new motion effects with the orignal and time tested gravity and megnatic motion effects for the quality users.

Font Size:

With the passage of time the eye site of human being is going rise. Not oly this the mirror size is also to be increasing timely. Huawei EMUI 12 offer the best ever font size and structure to the quality users. Not only this there is also you can adjust the weight and size of font by moving slider left or right. There is also you can change the font and its weight.

Control Panel:

This is best ever feature in the smart phone. Just drag down and they get all option in front of you. You can on/off any feature by just clicking on it. This is user level the best option. There is all option like Wife Bluetooth Time and Date Screen rotation torch sound profile Airplane mode you can choose any option for your self and set on off it according to you. This is basically shortcut to all the best ever smart phone features which you needed.

Notification Center

Every smart phone have an option that its provides you info about different task work status which is going to be in background. The Awesome Notification center allow users to get info about all the notification in a just swipe from top to bottom. The list and smoot structure make it more attractive and easy to use.



This is another marvolus feature added by Huawei to its quality users. In this different products are to be liked like tab, Laptop and tha ipad. with all these devices configuration you can check which work is done and how much is pending this is a unique feature for the EMUI 12 users. Just click on the device+ icon and you can get all the features.

Distributed phone structure

This is another the best ever quality funtion offer by huawei for its quality users. Without use of any cable you can get access to you files on the smart phone you can downoad with high speed and share them easy.


Some time you wants to make meeting with you clients and there is not done on the smart phone screen you can change the device by any time . This is offered in EMUI 10 and the enhance in EMUI 11 now with full function in EMUI 12 for the quality users


In the field of performance no smart phone is equal to Huawei. In the laest Update EMUI 12 the web page load speed is enhanced there is in mili second the whole page is loaded. In just a single swipe you can shift to another page and the website speed is super. Different smart phones get slowdown when the memory is going to be full but the beauty of Huawei is the speed of smart phone is never lose.


The Huawei offer the unique security feature to its quality user. Its self security system is best for the apps. No one can break your password and the user name. Its security system saves your files and the password from harmful viruses.

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