May 8, 2021

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Echo Tv is 24-hour news channel in Hungarian basically a Christian conservative channel. Own and operated by the Echo Hungarian TV Zrt it founded in 2005 to cover the business of news.

The channel main aim is to focus only on news broadcasting and current affairs. Fidesz and KDNP is also the helper and supporter of this channel.

This tv channel mainly provides viewers and public with news, headlines, bulletins, daily political issues, weather and many other important information around the world.

It’s a Christianity own channel which also gives information about religious issues. Also shows programs of religious issues which can be seen live on this channel.

Echo Tv gives full coverage to country’s various events which includes elections, sports and musical events. This news channel is full package for the viewers of this channel.

This channel not only shows news it also shows lifestyle programs, travels and cooking shows also which is love by the people in Hungry.


Echo Tv is basically a business channel found in 2005 at the trump card for Gabor Szeles. Which is one of the richest persons of the Hungry which is also the Head and CEO of Videoton and Ikarus Bus. A manufacturing company in Hungry.

Few days ago, the head of this channel bought the Hungary’s famous newspaper Magyar Hirlap also helped the media industry setup in Hungry. In all this setup he spent total of 2billion in creating the famous Echo Tv.

It further become the media partner of Federal Media Technologies in Austria in 2006.

The channel become renewed and restored in 2017 and late on ceased in 2019 due to the parliamentary elections.


It gives full coverage to 2010 elections in Hungry a Hungarian survivor Imre Kertesez. Along with some people image was display by the Echo Tv.

Due to the politics issue Sandor Porzse was remove in 2009 from Echo tv due to far right politics.

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