May 8, 2021

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Dunya News

Dunya News


Dunya news is Pakistan famous news channel a 24-hour news channel in Urdu own and operate by the NCS (National Communication Services). Its headquarters and offices are located in Punjab Lahore.

Dunya News is own by the famous businessman and politician of Pakistan Mian Ameer Mehmood which is also the Punjab Group of Colleges owner PGC largest educational institution in Punjab.

It has famous television shows On the Front and Dunya Kamran Khan Kay Sath and very famous comedy show Hasb-e-Haal which airs on Dunya news at 11:05 pm every Thursday to Sunday.

Hasb-e-Haal comedy show stars are Sohail Ahmad, Junaid Saleem and Goga Ji are very famous and comedians of this show.

This channel also has website Dunya and news online stream which is available on internet.

Its online website includes current breaking news, hourly headlines, entertainment and sports shows.


In 2008 Dunya news began its transmission the channel main aim is to provide rights and to solve socio-political problems of Pakistani peoples. This news channel is known for top and the quality programming.

In 2008 after its launch this channel has reach its top height competing with the other news channels in Pakistan.

This news channel is the home for the top tv shows in Pakistan like Mazaaq Raat and Hasb-e-Haal. Sohail Ahmed the comedian of this channel has attracted the major audience in Pakistan.

Mazaaq Raat another famous comedian shows and this welcomes various political and showbiz stars of Pakistan Vasay Chaudhry is the host of this show.

It famous political show Dunya Kamran Khan kay Sath it is host by the Kamran Khan which is editor in chief of this network and very experienced person in the Pakistani news media.


Dunya news popular shows includes

  • Cricket Dewangi
  • Dunya Tv Special which airs every day at 7:00pm.
  • Mahaaz
  • Think Tank
  • Meri Dunya
  • Khabar Yeh Hai
  • Voice of Dunya
  • Ilm-O-hikmat


Dunya news also has newspaper name Daily Dunya which is also call as Roznama Dunya.

It is launch on 2012 by the NCS (National Communication Services) which is in Lahore. This news paper is widely available in various cities of Pakistan Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Quetta and Sargodha.

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