DD News is a 24-hour news channel in India mainly called as Doordarshan. A terrestrial tv channel of India which is broadcasting in Hindi and English languages.

This news channel approve by the Prasar Bharati which is further accepted by the Union Cabinet of India in 2003.

This channel was launch on 2003 in conversion of the DD Metro this channel covers the 45% population of India.


Its sister channel DD India a current affairs channel in English language has become a unique channel in Doordarshan India. But CEO of India claimed that it will soon become in 100% Hindi.

It is because some of the Indian news channel content is in Sanskrit language. There was a much need to be air this content in Hindi language.

On 2015 it launched the mobile app for iPhone and Android which includes news content, breaking news, headlines and information.

This mobile app will help the users to access this news channel anywhere to seek worlds information anytime mainly sports, weather.


It become very famous among the people of India and has gained popularity very fastly and has revenue of total 2 crore in 2003-2004.

The channel has increased its popularity at heights and has earned Rs 10 crore the main reason of this popularity is that this is a free channel unlike pay and private owned channel.

Then DD News launched a news and current affairs channel CNN Doordarshan mainly called as DD CNNi in 1995. The main reason behind launching of this channel is targeting the international audience via DD International. Which is providing news in English language

Its sister channels DD National and DD Metro also broadcasting news on their respective channel but private owners still relying on DD News.

DD company launch DD News channel late in 1999 there was no sponsorship of that channel and shortage of viewership so later on this was convert to DD Bharati on 2002.

This news channel is 24-hour news channel provides free to air service to the people of India. It provides 16 hours daily live news bulletins in various languages in Hindi, English and Urdu.

The best thing about this news channel is that Indian regions has various languages it provides live news bulletins in regional languages. Its live news headlines, hourly bulletins are easily accessible through SMS.

This news channel also contains information about NSE(National Stock Exchange Of India) about stock and accommodates and gives information about these things.

On 2019 DD News converted on complete Hindi channel while DD India converted into English news channel.


On 2015 Arun Jaitley Information and broadcasting minister launches mobile app of this news channel. That our audience will be extremely delighted to access this channel easily and can get information about everything.

This will also increase the viewership and rating of this channel and this will add a new dimension to channel.

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