CTV television network is mainly called as CTV. It is Canadian English language news channel launched in 1961.

It is mainly acquire by the Bell Canada Enterprises in 2000. The Canada best and the largest television network.

There is no official name corresponding to CTV but generally it is call as “Canadian Television”. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation say that there should be exclusive rights to term “Canadian”.



In 1958 new broadcasting act is pass by the Prime Minister John Diefenbaker for establishment of the Board of Broadcast governors basically the ancestors Canadian Radio Television.

The are ending the dual role as regular broadcaster as Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. This station was license John Bassett the chief executive said that he is interested in creation of a new and second tv channel in which Toronto the capital of Canada will see him as a anchor.

The main step is to begin the Canadian programming among the various stations. Then in 1960 it led to the formation of ITO a eight newly license stations.

Each of the following stations will have the right to vote only a single in ITO’s operation. Then ITO resolved the second station.

CBC executive Spence Caldwell say that useless and unsuccessful competitors in Toronto license because second tv channel idea was introduce by him. 51% shares of this network owned and operated by the Bay Street investors and remaining 49% would have been reserved.


The network CTV television finally launched on 1961. CBC said that this channel is his final name and CBC has rights of term “ Canadian”.

In that year CFTO the only station that is carrying this channel. It uses CBC microwave system for programming in various countries. It is thought that CBC is fighting with their on rights of programming.


In 1965 retirement of the Caldwell’s there is much need to reduce the situation.

By this time CTV has spread in Canada in smaller cities and has become famous one CBC opens his own stations.

CTV has made name in the news world then Lloyd Robertson the anchor of CBC switch its network in 1976. This new anchor has famous morning show and the longest running channel name as Canada AM.


CTV programs include and their hit American Series

  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Castle
  • The Good Doctor
  • The Mentalist
  • The Eleventh Hour
  • The Listener
  • Canadian idol
  • MasterChef Canada

Its news programs also air at night CTV national programs, CTV program Your Morning are famous CTV programs.

CTV from Canada has bought the rights of American cable series The Sopranos, The daily show.

In 2003 CTV is available in High definition 16:9 wide screen ratio only CTV and CIVT has HD screens.

CTV also broadcasts live concerts of 20 hours which is watch by the people over 10.5 million people only not in America also all over the world. It is the most watched program in the Canada history.


TSN is a cable network that is bought by the CTV in 2001.TSN has taken responsibility of all sports of CTV.

It won the broadcasting rights of Canadian of winter Olympics held in Canada and 2012 Summer Olympics in England.

On 2007 It has also given rights of National Football League, NFL and major football playoffs.


 The logo of CTV is oval-shape “C” in a round shape. Its color programming with new logo contained in a red circle.

In 1998 it made changes in new logo a colorful ribbon is add in it. The entertainment of CTV is with blue ribbon.

On 2004 it added color ad 3D effects.

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