CP24 is an English news channel in Canada which own by the Bell Media basically a partner of the BCE Inc. It is further operate by the CTV Television Network and operating stations are CFTO-DT.

This news channel is very famous among the people of Canada and its headquarters are located in 299 Queen Street West in Toronto where it broadcasts all its news content.

It was launched on 1998 under name call CityPulse24 later on this name was change which is own by Sun Media. After its launch channel name was expressed as CITY-TV.

Then after disputes was take place to sell City Tv and hold the CP24 then was sold in 2007 and this media will take 20% stake in 2008.

The channel main focus is on news it broadcasts all its news from Toronto which covers national and international news outside Canada.


CRTC Canadian Radio Television and telecommunications commission has approved the licensed of this news channel in 1996 as Pulse 24. It launches as 24-hour news channel which focuses on news and information of the world and political issues.

It has the ownership of Sun Media and CHUN limited company. All its reporters and journalists are very famous and degree holders that keeps this network right on top.

 Its City tv personalities are very famous which they broadcast live and special coverage.

CP24 features the City Pulse and it broadcasts news during 1970 and 1980s it will give 100% stake during this era.


Its Headquarters are based in 299 Queen Street West it mainly uses the newsroom of City-TV which now taken by Bell Media.

Its broadcast room is now located at second floor its logo is black, blue and red design.

On 2017 it started its broadcasting in high definition its news and entertainment programs resolution has been update and increased.

This news channel gives weather updates on weekly basis and also gives daily update on Coronavirus in 2020.



On 2007 CHUM Limited launched high-definition channel CP24 HD it stared broadcasting in High definition with the Bell Fiber TV. Various cable providers started the services of CP24 in high-definition.


On 2013 Bell Media an CP24 launched the TV Everywhere service which known as CP24 GO. It can be access on mobile apps, laptops, computers. It provides service of live news streaming and various information’s

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