April 16, 2021

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CNN is a type of news channel that people see all over the world to get world’s information. It is a multinational News channel and premier channel and its headquarters are located in Atlanta(a state of America).This channel was founded by a successful businessman  in America Ted Turner and Reese Schonfeld in 1980 as 24 hour news cable . CNN is the first channel to provide 24 hour reporting news in 1980 and is the first news channel in the US.

This news channel has 91% of television household subscribers in 2018 that people love to watch this channel and 97% of this cable are used in house. In 2019 this cable is ranked 3rd in the world behind Fox News and ABC News and CNN ranked overall 14th in the basic cables used by the people.

This network provides great coverage of live news especially breaking news . Programming of CNN has been aired on CNN international and seen by the people of over 212 countries and its territory cities.


This cable network was launched on 1st June 1980 on 5:00 pm Eastern time. Ted Turner after and introduction of Husband and wife David walker and Lois Hart anchored first channel newscast. Executive vice president of CNN Burt Reinhardt on its launch of CNN hired the 200 employees and vice president hired the Bernad Shaw the first news anchor of CNN.

Then later on CNN expanded so much that people love to see this channel it has increased number of cable television cable provides and satellites increased closed circuit channels CNN-Airport( a home television network).CNN has 42 bureaus and 11 domestic and 31 international and its has over 900 affliated stations in which it receives news information and video content through CNN and various languages around the world.

The channel CNN2 was also launched on 1982 and it features news of 24 hour cycle of 30 min news then later on this 30 min news changed to CNN Headline news and now it is called as HLN and it focuses on live news and breaking news a

One of the channel of CNN is also in Spanish called CNN+(CNN-PLUS) that was launched on 1999 a 24 hour television news channel with joining hands with Sogecable and Turner Broadcasting and this channel was cutt off from the air in 2010. CNN+ Management caimed that this channel will be closed on December 31 2010.


                                  The Gulf War in 1990-1991 has started and it was the turning point for the CNN because it has passed the three big channels like ABC , CBS ,NBC American Network in viewership because of its historical scoop. Coalition Bombay campaign are in Iraq so CNN was the first news channel to communicate in Iraq because of bombing and live-reports from a hotel in Baghdad Al-Rashid an their reporters were Bernard Shaw and Peter Arnett.

CNN claimed that we are unable to capture broadcast from Baghdad CNN on the start of the Gulf War on radio broadcast CBS news anchor Edward R. was reporting live radio news on German bombing in London on world war 2. Pictures were not being able to capture then this was taken by the television stations and news network despite of being CNN was being watched by the all over the world.


9/11  attacks were held in America in 2001 . CNN News was the first news channel to aired the news that plane has crashed in the building called 9/11 attacks. A reporter of CNN Anchor Carol Lin was reporting the first time no other channel has  reported that news. Vice President of CNN Sean Murtagh was the first network to employee on the air then he was called to CNN New York city office bureau and he reported plane has hitted the Trade Center in America.


Elections were held in America after four years.In 2008 US presidential elections were held CNN News has made large team and provide full coverage to 2008 Presidential elections including hosting debates of Republican Party and Democratic Party. CNN joined hand with Saint Anselm College and made new sponsor New Hampshire for debates of Democratic and Republican. A Non-traditional format was used for the first time in CNN Youtube presidential debates where people of America were invited to re-submit question over internet through Youtube service. Two primary debates were held in 2008 CNN joined the Los Angeles Times(a dailynewspaper) coverage of Super Tuesday.


On  30 August 1995 CNN launches its website called CNN.com(initially called CNN interactive).This website CNN.com became popular and became most popular website of America as well as all over the world .This widespread of this website include blogs , social media , breaking news and other political news of the world

Chinese hackers attacked CNN website CNN.com on 2018 then CNN claimed that we have taken precautionary measures after this news has broke into other news channels.

Then later in 2008 CNN was given awards and honoured at the Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards for their implementation and development of IP based live and DNG know as Digital News gathering system

Then later on in 2009 CNN launched new version of website CNN.com is same as the previous website but new feature added in it with signup option user can create their username  profile and password and added red Color  to their website that has made website amazing.All of the world news are featured in this website.


CNN announced on twitter that it would launch a new blog on food “Eatocracy” in 2010 that would keep all information about food and health issues all over the world.CNN has network of internet relay chart(IRC) at chatcnn.com.


CNN made a step for maintaining live streaming broadcast for cables and satellite providers for people at home that people can easily access CNN channel through cable at home .

CNN announced that I will launch a CNNVR a virtual reality that will provide 360 videos on Android and IOS apps within CNN digital.


CNN Films were made on  CNN platforms that will provide documentaries on CNN Films.


In 2014 Cumulus Media announced that it will no longer be a part of ABC News radio and will enter into new partnership with CNN and provide content for Westwood One for their  national and international content in 2015.

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