May 8, 2021

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CNN-News 18

CNN-News 18


CNN-News 18 is also called as CNN-IBN an English language news channel in India. Rajdeep Sardesai a news anchor and journalist founded the CNN-News 18. Recently it is own and operated by the Network 18 of India and Warner Media.

It provides international and local coverage to the people of India and its foreign viewers. This channel main aim is to focus only on news, political issues and local reports.

Then later on Reliance Industries the largest multilingual company in Mumbai said that the it will control the Network 18. This was Indian’s biggest deal in the media world. Then in 2012 it has taken indirect control on TV18 and many major investments.


CNN was only major channel in India which is very famous among various peoples but there was a need of another news network to compete with this channel. so Time Warner and Global broadcasting news together launched the CNN-IBN in 2005.

This channel is mainly operatee by the TV18 which uses the brand name of CNN. This channel has become famous and loved by the people and it has increased up to 45 million households every day.

 In 2015 its license has been expire of agreement between the Turner Broadcasting and network 18. On 2016 CNN-IBN name was change to CNN- News 18.


This news channel has various shows which includes

  • News 18
  • Afternoon Prime
  • India 360

These all shows include sports, news bulletins, breaking news, crime shows, morning and afternoon shows.



On 2011 XIX Commonwealth games report assemble in Parliament of India the controversy is made for awarding contracts of 37.8 million. The main reason for this controversy is of broadcasting rights then in Commonwealth games sponsorship and publicity is give to Indian news channels NDTV and CNN-IBN.


CNN-News 18 controversy made about fake twitter comments which appeared on the news shows and headlines feedback from viewers which is mainly criticize. Then later on it apologized from the viewers on fake comments.


The prime time show Face the Nation which is recoded and edit taken and interview of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was criticized on live television debate. Sagarika Goose the editor hosted this live debate.

People take this show on twitter and deeply criticiz the anchor and then he apologized.


CNN-News 18 fired the 400 people as reconstructing. But there is no further comment on this case by the news channel.

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