May 8, 2021

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CNA News


CNA News is also call as Channel News Asia the most popular network an English language news channel in Asia famous for its content and news services. Its offices and headquarters are based in Singapore where they all broadcasts its programming.

CNA provides free to air service to the people of Asia this news channel airs in Asia and Australia across different 29 territories.

The journalists working in this channel are highly qualified and well educate and most of them are degree holders.

CNA news channel is very famous in Asia it has million viewers has increased up to 200 million most loved news channel in Asia because of its programming.

It is the six widest and the famous news channel than other channels in Asia according to the survey of the Ipsos. Survey called it famous channel of Asia.

 This news channel has increased its top position and ranking after its launch and has become six top channels.


This news channel mainly provides current affairs, breaking news and political issues. Which operates in four different languages in Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil.

This all-news content and services are produce from MediaCorp’s online platform.

Their news content and bulletin are show on CNA entertainment channels on Channel 5 and Channel 8.


This news channel CNA broadcasts all its news content and services on domestic radio station which

It also has a online portal where it broadcasts all live news and on social media through various apps like Facebook, You Tube, Instagram.

You can access CNA website anytime on your mobile, tablets and laptops where all type of news content are available.


This channel was first launched on 1999 as Channel News Asia under MediaCorp Singapore Television Cooperation.

At the beginning after its launch this news channel was only airing in Singapore. Which main aim of this channel is to focus on news.

CNA news channel in 2002 join hands with Metro Tv and sign long term footage for its video services.

Content in Indonesia major deals were done in 2004 for its various services of news content.

CNA also signed a deal with Malaysian Pay tv channel for its production then later after it has done a deal with Myanmar. For its broadcasting and production it uses Sky net.

On 2013 CNN made changes to its studio and broadcasting services it launches Marina Bay Financial Center.

It introduce a new logo for their news channel “Understand Asia” which includes new news contents, programming content and its improved services.

It also launches night program called News Pulse which features breaking news and headlines and various important information of the world top night news channel of CNA.


This news channel opened its bureau in Vietnam in 2014 other bureau are in Jakarta and Hong Kong its unofficial offices are also in Asia.

This news channel has become famous and has expanded its studios in Malaysia first time high-definition studio.


This news channel in 2015 started producing in high definition that’s why this the most loved channel at that time.

And has increased up to 58 million household users in 26 different countries worldwide.

Its also begins its production and programming in India through famous satellite service Tata Sky.

On 2019 Channel News Asia would be called as CNA as their short form which looks decent and understandable. This news channel logo is in red color which is very attracting.

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