China Central Television is basically a Chinese Tv channel Broadcaster. It has a programming of 50 different channels which is accessible to one Billion people in different languages.

Its programming mainly includes news , entertainment and comedy.

CCTV News Channel was establish in 1958 owned and operated by the Chinese.

 This news channel is well known to people and has various varieties of news communication and social education sports entertainment and cultural information.


In 1954 Chairman of communist party Mao Zedong  thought that China should create its own TV Station. On 5 February State Council made a program for producing medium sized television station.

China first five year plan for television broadcast has been add by the Zhou Enlai.

Luo Donghe and Meng Qiyu has been take by the bureau of central broadcasting for the inspection of tv station in China.

On 1958 Beijing and CCTV begin to test its first television transmissions for the first time. TV signals is broadcast in Beijing for the first time.


On 1960 BTV change its program time and started broadcasting eight times a week.

BTV also producing double shows to attract the audiences this mainly news and entertainment shows.

BTV construction of new building and headquarters in the Beijing CCTV launch its second channel in1963.


Color television in that year attracting attention of the people so CCTV experimenting color television on its second channel only on Thursday and Saturday using the technology of PAL- D.


On 1 May 1978 CCTV renamed as China Central Television on his 20thanniversery BTV celebrated this anniversary.

CCTV only broadcasts evening programs.

During the vacations of students summer and winter CCTV usually shows morning and daytime programs for the students.


In 1980’s this television channel become famous and has become leading channel In China. A program of China Dream of Red Chamber became famous a series of 36 episodes and is the first channel of the Chinese global market.

CCTV export its programming to 77 different countries.


On 2013 CCTV announced that its broadcasting facilities move to its current headquarters.


On 31 December 2016 China Central Television foreign language has been cut off from CGTN a famous news channel after CCTV.


On March 2018 China celebrating 60th year of television celebration its owner ship was send to China Media Group.


China Central Television as a part of CMG as their component falls under the management of National Radio and Television Administration which state council of China.

A Vice President of the state of the China it serves as a chairman of CCTV.

And then this organization is called as three biggest outlets in China along with People’s Daily and Xinhua.


Shen Haixiong is the current president of CCTV which it is appointed in 2018.


Its News broadcasting has been produced three times a day and is the most powerful tv channel program.

It is basically a news program of 30 minutes eveing program Xinwen Lianbo .

CCTV Network and CCTV Tonight it airs on television daily at 7:00 pm.

Another famous show CCTV New Year’s Gala is the most watched channel of Chinese.

On 2003 it  launch 24hour cable network.


It is basically a internet based broadcaster of CCTV and it was launch on 2009 with a budget of estimate $75 billion.

CCTV basic advantage is that it is accessible to people in six different languages like

English , French , Russian , Korean and in Arabic also


China’s population is very large which has ultimately increased in the audience of the television it rise up to 1.2 billion which is huge increase.

In 2008 Summer Olympics were in China so CCTV give full coverage to these Sports event and 41% audience share of its network.

Popular event of CCTV New Year’s Gala has approximately 90% audience share.


CCTV has also involved in controversies like

  • 1990’s Falun Gong Crackdown
  • Xinwen Lianbo and internet purity
  • Xinwen Lianbo and fake imagery
  • Libyan Civil War


2009 FIRE

Chinese New Year is famous eve of China’s Culture.

Beijing Television Cultural Center caught fire on the last of China’s New year eve.

The fire caught at 42 story a hotel near name Mandarin Oriental Hotel also destroyed before its opening in 2009.

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