Channel 4


Channel 4 is British television service and it provides free to air service in UK. Channel main aim is to provide high quality and distinctive programming to the people of UK.

It’s Headquarter is located in London. Its National Head and creative hubs are in Glasgow and Bristol.

The main aim of establish of this channel is to provide fourth television service to the people of UK. This channel is fund and licensed by the BBC One and BBC Two.

This news transmission begin on 1982 after the language of Welsh. The station of this network is own and operate by this channel Television Cooperation basically a department of Culture , media and sport.

This News has become famous for the people of UK and it has 995 million users. Channel has added its services to wales and has become UK wide and large television service.



Before Channel 4 UK has three famous television services BBC1, BBC2 and ITV. In 1980 Broadcasting Act made its efforts to launch another channel.

This channel was created by broadcasting act by language of Welsh through the act of parliament in 1982.

After the creation of this network there is a still demand for second broadcaster ITV was establish in 1954 the min idea is to launch the ITV2.

Politics has the biggest impact on the people of the world this channel has become reality.

The Channel has not yet launch because of the late arrival of frequencies at every transmitter in the early 60’s when ITV was launch  it is highly praised by the people.


Opening Day of Channel 4 on Tuesday 1982 that continuity announcer Paul Coia said that:

“It is very pleasure to see you Good Afternoon, Welcome to Channel 4”.

Soap opera broadcast had been broadcasted by the Channel 4 which rans only storylines and it rans until 2003.

This news channel also broadcasted documentary film Beyond Citizen Kane.


In 2000’s Channel 4 also broadcasts programs like Big Brother and it has also obtain the rights of sporting events like cricket and racing of horse.

On 2004 Channel launch a new logo and look and it look like object 4 looks like an angle.

On 2007 Channel celebrated 25th birthday. First episode of countdown was air . Channel also launch 3d television and it broadcasts program in ColorCode 3D technology.



Channel 4 also broadcast comedy shows. Channel 4 is the first news channel to establish the first comedy institution in 2010 a program name with a Comedy Roast.

This News channel also organizes Comedy gala a benefit show in aid for Children’s Street Hospital a 25 comedians taking part in it has become the live comedian show in the history of UK.


This Channel has the history of making real film and documentaries its controversies has created by broadcasting live surgery in UK for almost 170 years.

This News Channel is mainly by the ITN it shows documentaries and attracts the media attention.


It is basically online documentary and is provide by the Channel 4 and it allows viewers to share their own documentary. These documentaries are basically of 3 to 5 minutes.

This includes educational guides and mainly interviews. It has also won a award  in 2006. The documentaries are also of 59 sec called Microdocs.


It is editorial branch of Channel 4 which develops talent for film, television and radio and other major platforms.

Their bases are in various cities of London the editorial hubs mainly includes 4Talent National, 4Talent National England and 4Talent National Irelend.

The above sites include text, audio, video formats.


In 2006 channel 4 ran trial of HDTV as a Freeview HD via Crystal Palace providing transmission to the Home countries.

Popular US broadcast ABC also has HDTV broadcast.

High Definition television broadcast launched by Channel on sky satellite platform.

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