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Asianet News


INTRODUCTION Asianet News is also known as Asianet Global it is Malayalam language news channel from ANN Asianet News Network. This news channel provides free to air service to people. This News Channel owned and operated by the company of Jupiter Entertainment Ventures. This Channel...



INTRODUCTION Nickelodeon is abbreviated as “Nick” an American Tv Channel it is first tested on 1977 and is launched on 1979. It is the first tv channel for children and is owned by the ViacomCBS based in New York city. The network of this channel...

Network 10


INTRODUCTION Network 10 is simply call as Channel 10 it is basically Australian Television network. A commercial television network owned and operated by the Australia. Its operated stations are in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane its stations also affiliates in regional parts of Australia. It is...

Channel 4

Channel 4

INTRODUCTION Channel 4 is British television service and it provides free to air service in UK. Channel main aim is to provide high quality and distinctive programming to the people of UK. It’s Headquarter is located in London. Its National Head and creative hubs are...



INTRODUCTION China Central Television is basically a Chinese Tv channel Broadcaster. It has a programming of 50 different channels which is accessible to one Billion people in different languages. Its programming mainly includes news , entertainment and comedy. CCTV News Channel was establish in 1958...



INTRODUCTION News is the basic part of our life that people can seek information and what is happening around the world. BFM TV in style it is written as BFMTV. It is 24hour news channel and is only available in France via cable operators and...

Nine News


INTRODUCTION Nine News in style is written as 9 News. This Network is in Australia and is the service of Nine News. Its programs are of one hour its bulletin start at 6:00 pm which is own and operated by the Nine Network studios in...

Seven News


INTRODUCTION Seven News in style is written as 7News. It is television service of Seven Network a free to air service in Australia. This Network is very popular in Australia and has the highest rank and rating in Australia. Seven News has high definition studios...



France24 has 87.1 million viewers via worldwide. It is lovable channel of the people on internet and people those are on Tv.