News is the basic part of our life that people can seek information and what is happening around the world.

BFM TV in style it is written as BFMTV. It is 24hour news channel and is only available in France via cable operators and satellite television.

It is the most watched channel of the people in France that’s why it has 10 million viewers daily.

This News Network is France biggest market share and is the greatest news channel than other channels of France.


BFMTV was launch by a French company name Next Radio TV as a branch of BFM Radio which mainly focuses on business and economy on 2004.

BFM is derive as “Business FM” and is the original and real name of BFM Business and officially approve by the CSA( a French institution) on 2005 and its broadcasting began on 2005.

The chairmen and CEO of BFM TV is Alain Weill.

BFM TV rating has increased worldwide and has become the most watched news channel in France since 2008 and has budget of network €50 million in 2011 as compared to €15 million in 2006.



It is launch on 7 June 2016. BFM Sports is the second news channel of sport after Infosport+ . This channel is very fastly growing and its updates are vey fast of about 30 minutes all the day.

Its sports magazines are very popular like After Foot, Le Grand Week end sport and 60 minute sports.


It was launch on 2016 this is mainly inspire by the news channel of America News 12.

Its programming includes local news updates, weather and cultures information.


1st VERSION(2005-2006)

This channel mainly focuses on morning and evening programs and it runs from weekdays from 6am to 9:30am and this channel runs 30 minutes with 15 minutes half of general news and 15 minutes financial news.

Mazerolle presents evening show at 8:30 and it features two or more guests and then this show was extended to two hours.

Between 11:30pm to 6:00 there is nothing important but repeated programs.

2ND VERSION(2006-2007)

This second phase of version was launch on 2006.

It puts news anchors in second phase and has set a new block during BFM Soir including Thomas Misrachi.

During the presidential election in 2007 Mazerolle changed its show name with new name Journal de Campagne with the same time as 8:30pm.

A new political show was run from on BFM Tv at 2007.

3rd VERSION(2007-2008)

In this version channel launched a high definition infographics(music and 3d images).

At 7 to 8am Christophe mainly anchors on Europe 1 repalceing the well known Thomas Misrachi on the part of Premier edition.


BFM TV announced that they would announcedthe changes in the fourth version. Morning and Evening shows of this channel would be updated as a new block with sports program in the afternoon.


In 2012 at the end of the August schedule of evening programs has been updated. At the end of the weekdays BFM TV has new programs. Thomas Misrashi presents the 7 Jours BFM and it airs from Saturday of two hours program.


BFM TV add new block as Primetime edition from 4:30 to 6am and this primetime show is presented by the Celine Pitelet and Jean-Remi Baudot.

On July 2013 Apolline de Malherbe returned to BFM TV replacing the famous Anna Cabana on morning political show from 6:50 to 7:50am.


Another famous program of BFM TV info 360 has been replace by the new show News et Compagnie.

At the end of the weekends Non-stop Week-End program aired by the Philippe Gaudin from 2pm to 6pm.


It is French television tv network and it was launch on the French digital terrestrial television and its broadcasting are free 24 hours a day.


There are various news shows of BFM TV.

  • Le Live Toussaint
  • News at compagnie
  • Le dezoom
  • BFM Politique
  • Grand Angle
  • 20h Politique


BFM TV has very good relation with Fox News. BFM TV produce a promo to Fox News to say thank you to “ France most watched channel”. Their relation has always been  good in the news world.

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