Asianet News is also known as Asianet Global it is Malayalam language news channel from ANN Asianet News Network.

This news channel provides free to air service to people.

This News Channel owned and operated by the company of Jupiter Entertainment Ventures. This Channel is basically based in Kerala and it has attracted its market place in Malayalam.

Director and Group CFO of Asianet News is Frank P. Thomas and Editor in chief is  M. G. Radhakrish. Rajesh Kalra is the Executive Chairman.

Bharatiya Janata Party and member of parliament Rajeev Chandrasekhar it is the main party member and Council of states from Karnataka and also the chairman of Jupitor Capital.

Kannada News is also own by the Suvarna News and Republic Tv is its English investor.

Asianet News a Malayalam news channel also has entertainment channels Asianet, Asianet Plus and Asianet Movies. All these entertainment shows of Asianet News are own by the STAR India. All the entertainment and the STAR India channel uses “ Asianet” logo.


Communications of Asianet was always in searching of a new news channel because of very long time there was no channel in Malayalam.

With the intensions their second channel launched on 2001. Their main aim is to target the Middle East and Europe.

Their new based programming is very low later it give it all to their entertainment channels. 

With the returns of the Asianet global their management decided to go for entertainment channel Asianet Plus and to end the Asianet Global.

Asianet Global name change in 2003 it was rename as “Asianet News”.


Channel financial crunch is getting increased Asianet channel and cable facing real financial issues where Rahejas was given 50% stake.

The channel is still own and operated by the Sashi Kumar and Reji Menon with equal 50% shares. They wanted a stake in channel operations.

According to the reports given by the media Sashi Kumar created that he get a loss in the Communist Party of India Marxist in Kerala.

Then after attempts take by the Zee Group to get the Asianet from Menon because they have the interests in the cable operations.


Rajeev Chandrasekhar first interest in Asianet broke out on 2006 he has also interest in it. He is basically a business man in Bangalore doing his job in Kerala origin.

During this time he was against the channels of Malayalam with 35% total Kerala advertisements market. Then Chandrasekhar was aquiring  51% statke of Asianet channels through Jupiter Venture Entertainment.

Then later on Asianet Communications also launch Kannada and Telugu industry of television with Asianet Suvarna and Sitara.


In 2008 Asianet again constructed its four companies of entertainment, radio and media. STAR India wanted to join hands with the owner of the Asianet channels.

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