Al Jazeera in Arabic is written as   الجزيرة‎, in romanized it is written as  al-jazīrah. It is the land of Arabian Peninsula. A free-to-air international Arabic news channel based in Doha, Qatar, run by the media gathering Al Jazeera Media Network. The channel is a big preview of media groups. Therefore, the only offer in the brand to bring “Al Jazeera” name.


Preparations for the channel’s broadcast were not banned. For example, on call-in shows, sparking controversy in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. One of the station’s offices was the only jungle that survived the war in Afghanistan.

Parental custody is a “private basis of public interest” under Qatari law. Under this organizational structure, parents receive financial support from the Qatari government, but editorial freedom is maintained. At times, these networks are primarily ideological Islamists. Promoting the Muslim Brotherhood, and have been biased in their reporting on regional issues.

Al Jazeera insisted it covered all aspects of the debate and said it presented. Israel’s views and Iran’s views with the objections and then Usama Bin Laden send videos to Al Jazeera. Then this news channel aired that video.



The Al Jazeera satellite channel, now called AJA. It was launched on 1 November 1996, following the closure of a joint venture between the BBC’s Arabic-language television station. But Rabbit Comm Rabb Nacions. The BBC’s Day Day came to an end a year later when the Saudi government demanded censorship of execution information. Including graphic reports and large dissenting views.

The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa, provided a loan of ਮਿਲੀ . 500 million (13 137 million) for the Al Jazeera deal in his first five years. when the Hig Mails published his book Al Jazeera: Details Arab News Channel Is challenging.Qatar government share investors shares were held.

November 1, 1996 was Al Jazeera’s broadcast day. It offers 6 hours of programming. By the end of 1997, it had grown to 12-hour programming. At the launch of the Al Jazeera media network, the Middle East’s only broadcast satellite was launched, and for the first year Al Jazeera was presented with only a weak C-band transponder with a large satellite dish. Following the obscene incident of a 30-minute accident in Canal France International, Ultraconservative Saudi, another powerful band became available as a transporter offering peace. Al Jazeera was the only international news network to have a representative in Iraq during the 1998 Operation Desert Focus bombing campaign. Her special video clips were highly valued by the Western media in view of her role model.


January 1, 1999, was the first day of Al Jazeera’s 24-hour broadcast. The job had more than 300 employees a year. The agency had bureaucrats in dozens of locations, as far as the European Union and Russia. Its annual budget was estimated at about 25 25 million at the time

Controversially, however, Al Jazeera was fast becoming an influential news agency throughout the region. Beyond the official version of events, the Arabs became news enthusiasts. According to London’s Arab News Network (ANN), the world’s Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) and Al Jazeera in the Arab world, according to a 2000 estimate, the number of night viewers The number is 35 million. About 70 satellites or satellite channels were broadcast in the Middle East, most of them in Arabic.

Al Jazeera launched a free Arabic language website in January 2001. In addition, TV feeds were first made available in the UK by the UK’s Sky Broadcasting.


Al Jazeera came to the attention of many in the West during the search for Osama bin Laden and the Taliban in Afghanistan after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. It aired videos of Osama bin Laden and the Taliban, with footage of the world’s most wanted fugitives. Many criticized the network for giving voice to terrorists. “Al Jazeera’s Washington, D.C. Hafiz al-Mirazi, head of the Bureau, compared the situation to the New York Times’ November message. The network said it was given the tapes because it had a large Arab audience.

In October 2003, John R., managing editor of the Saudi newspaper Arab News. Bradley argued that the Bush administration had told the Qatari government that “if Al Jazeera fails to reconsider its report, the United States will have to do the same.” It has to do with Qatar.


Prior to and during the US-led invasion of Iraq, where Al Jazeera had been present since 1997, the foreign network re-examined the network’s facilities and footage. The reporting of the channel and its website and the search for alternatives to military press conferences received unparalleled attention.

On April 1, 2003, a United States airliner shot down Al Jazeera’s Baghdad airport, killing reporter Tariq Ayub. The Pentagon has called the attack a “mistake.” However, Al Jazeera provided the United States with accurate maps of the location of the bureau to protect it from attack.

After the death of British government scientist David Kelly, Afshin became the first English-language broadcaster of the Ratansi channel after leaving the BBC today program.


In 2003, Al Jazeera added its first English-language journalist, Afshin Ratasi, to the BBC’s Today program.

Al Jazeera announced that they have the plans to launch a English language satellite called Al Jazeera International.The new channel was launched on November 12, 2006 under the English name Al Jazeera and is based in Doha (next to the original Al Jazeera headquarters and broadcasting center), broadcasting centers in London, Kuala Lumpur and Washington DC. The channel is a news channel that broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 hours from Doha, and four hours from London, Kuala Lumpur and Washington DC.


Current TV was purchased by Al Jazeera in January 2013 which was run by former President of America Al Gore .Using part of the current TV infrastructure.

On January 13, 2016, Al Jazeera USA CEO Alinste announced that the network would be shut down on April 12, 2016, citing the “economic scenario.”



                         Previously, Al Jazeera’s subsidiary channels were legally separated from the Al Jazeera media network on January 1, 2014 and are now regulated by the Inter Media Group.

Ben Sport currently operates three channels in France. Ben Sport 1, Ben Sport 2 and Ben Sport Max. The network also owns a Canadian channel and owns Canadian broadcasting rights to a number of sports features, including several Australian channels.

ART Sports Channel has been aquired by Al Jazeera in October 2009,Al Jazeera English received approval from the CRTC to allow Al Jazeera English to be broadcast via satellite to Canada.


Al Jazeera News Channel is available in other countries here is the list of other countries.

  • Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East:

Al Jazeera can be viewed independently with DVBS clients in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East as it includes Astra 1M, Utilist Hotbird 13A, Utilist 10A, Badr 4, Turkist 2A, Thor 6, Nelsat 102. Including broadcasts. Hespast 1C and Utelset 28A Satellite. Opt Patix launches the C1 satellite channel for free in Australia and is available to all users of Australia’s Foxtal Pay TV service from July 2012 at no extra charge.


                       Available in Canada on Al Jazeera Bell Channel 516 as part of the “International News” package. Al Jazeera is available separately on Rogers Cable. In Al Jazeera is also available on Cable TV Channel 513 as part of the “Multicultural” package.


Now Al Jazeera English can be viewed on the Internet from their official website. The low resolution version is available free of charge to users of computer computers and video streaming boxes, and the high resolution version is available for purchase through partner sites. This enables Al Jazeera to be viewed worldwide in English and Al Jazeera.

  • In March 2003, Al Jazeera was honored by the censorship of the index for “the courage to curb censorship and to contribute to the exchange of information in the Arab world.”
  • In 2004, Al Jazeera was named the fifth most influential global brand behind behind Apple Computer, Google, IKEA and Starbucks.

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