Al Arabiya in Arabic is written as العربية‎, transliterated as ‘’ al-Arabiyyah” which means ‘’ the Arab one ‘’ and is Saudi Arabia Tv channel and is based in Dubai.


This News Channel is based in Dubai Media City in United Arab Emirates and it was launched on 2003 3rd March. This Channel is free to air channel and it broadcasts Tv shows , broadcasts and documentaries every hour and 24 hours a day. Al Arabiya covers all types current affairs going in the world and sports , Tv shows and stock markets . It mainly attracts the Middle East Audiences among top pan -Arab stations.

 The website of this News Channel can be accessible in English , Arabic , Urdu as well as in Persian also. In 2018 this News Channel website was used most by Saudi’s and has 20% viewership.

President of America Barack Obama gave formal and initial interview to this channel in 2009.

Since 2019 Mamdouh Al-Muhaini he was the general manager of AL Arabiya before he was appointed general manager of Al Arabiya was  Nabil Al-Khatib.

In 2020 April Al Arabiya made new changes new graphics were added and audio pakages were also included and new logo for this channel and has become the brand since it  was launched in 2003.


In 1990’s because of Al Jazeera criticism Saudi Royal Family and its relatives decided to establish Al Arabiya in 2002 in Dubai .

In 2008 Newspaper of America The New York Times said that the Abdul Rehman Al Rashid the director of Al Arabiya News Channel that Al Arabiya works.

In 2012 Syrian President  Bashar Assad email messages ,broadcasted by the Al Arabiya and leaked by the hackers.


Al Arabiya is longest running current affairs ,journalism and 24 hour television channel . It is Pan Arab channel based in Dubai. It’s broadcasters are in Dubai. It was launched on 2003 in October and today it is still running. This channel has won many award for investigation and high profile stories.

  • Eda’at  Arabic : إضاءات‎, meaning “Spotlights” it was hosted by Turki bin Abdullah AlDakhil.i t airs on Saudia Arabia time every Thursday evening at 2:00 pm.
  • This programs include interview of political parties, journalism and writers.
  • Rawafed  Arabic: روافد‎, meaning “Affluents” it is hosted and directed by  Ahmad Ali al Zein and is broadcasted only on Wednesday at 5:30 pm. It is documentary of arts and cultures of the world. Main artist , writers of Arab have been appeared in this show .
  • Point of Order  Is weekly program of Al Arabiya broadcasted only on Friday and it broadcast live shows of political topics. President of Syria Bashar al Assad has also been hosted by  Hassan Muawad.
  • Political Memoirs    It is weekly aired on Al Arabiya it mainly focuses on historical events. It is a platform to discuss single events. It broadcasts only on Friday and is presented  by Taher Barak.
  • Studio Beirut     It only broadcasts on Sunday and is weekly discussion program. In this program prominent guests were featured from Arab World and this program is hosted by Giselle Kirresh.
  • THE BIG SCREEN  This program is basically a entertainment program it focuses on film industry , celebrities and their films. It provides full coverage to Film Festival , interviews of celebrities. It is hosted by Nadine Kirresh.


Saudi Prince Abdulaziz bin Fahad and his uncle Waleed bin Ibrahim al Ibrahim have control of Al Arabiya through MBC .

A new channel was launch in 2012 named Al Hadath which mainly focuses on political news.


This News Network Al Arabiya has been criticize as a main part of Saudi Foreign Policy and public diplomacy for the part of United States.

Assassination of Rafik Hariri news was first aired on Al Arabiya . Then in 2008 the website of Al Arabiya was hacked.

An article about safety problems of Emirates Airline Courtney C.  Radsch  claimed to left the job after publishing at article.

50 staff members have been dismissed by Al Arabiya because of financial problems and low oil prices dismissed members were given salaries and has given special package for 6 months .


Reporter of Al Arabiya Mazen al-Tumeizi was killed on camera in Iraq when US fired in Haifa Street in Baghdad.

In 2006 Reporters of Al Arabiya murdered after covering of the bombing of a mosque in Samarra.


In 2020, the Daily Beast identified a network of liars by linking the UAE government’s views to media outlets such as Alibaba.

He criticizes Turkey’s role in the Middle East, as well as Qatar and its state-run media Al Jazeera. Twitter suspended some fake column accounts in early July 2020.

Broadcasting of Armen Sargsyan

In 2020 conflict of Nagorno-Karabakh Armen Sargsyan has been interviewed by this network about war and happening between Armenia and Azerbaijan in which President Sargsyan blasted in Turkey and Armenia making conflicts.

Then in response Turkish president accused Saudi Arabia and UAE for making that conflicts and destabilization in the Middle East.


President of America Barack Obama gave his first ever interview to this channel Al Arabiya. Then he gave message to Muslim and Arab world that ,“American are not your enemies” while also “Israel is strong friend of America”.


Al Arabiya internet services were also available on internet( Al it was launched on 2004 and in 2007 and has joined English language service . Business websites and financial news markets operated by this channel. Website of Al Arabiya English has relaunched in 2013 that has made new changes in the website subtitles were added in it.

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