May 8, 2021

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ABP News


ABP news is 24-hour news channel in India this news channel is based in Hindi language network of this channel. It is owned and operated by the ABP Group the biggest media group in India. Its headquarters are based in Kolkata India.

This ABP news is mainly known as Star News which is mainly the famous newspaper of India after being attach to ABP Group. This channel name was change to ABP from Star News.

This channel main aim is to provide clear and accurate programming to the people of India. The employees and journalists working in ABP news are experience and degree holders.

This is the largest and the biggest network of India this network operates in five different languages in Hindi, Marathi, Bengali and Punjabi because of its programming and language

This channel has crossed over 120 million viewers on daily basis analysis that’s why this is the most lovable channel of India.


This news channel was first launch on 1998 as a Star News a complete jet pack news channel in India. It is the first channel in India with two languages English and Hindi but this service of this network is mainly run by the Star India with the NDTV till 2003.

When NDTV unity ended in 2003 Star news becomes the complete Hindi language news channel this year. Later on both Star news and ABP join hands and tie up.

After its agreement ended in 2003 Star news wanted to sun its network on their own and their broadcasting rights. So in this case government made a policy about news business.

Star network has joined hands with Patrika Bazar to make a big company MCCS which runs this channel will take 26% stake and Patrika Bazar owned 74%.

This Patrika company is parting ways with the Star news after eight years affiliation MCCS also parting with the Star network.

After this situation the channel name was changes to ABP news Bengali news channel will name as Star Ananada and Marathi news channel is name as Star Majha. This news channel Punjabi language is also launch attracting the Punjabi audiences in India on 2016.


ABP news also has website where you can watch live news coverage and daily reports and information around the world. Its breaking news gives hourly report on website. It also provides political shows, sports program and their information.

You can easily visit its website you can watch all type of live content from this website. It also has a You tube channel name where user can see on mobile app.

In 2020 Corona virus is increasing day by day this virus is attention on every news channel so it gives daily live reports on his virus update.


The CEO of this news network is Avinash Pandey.  Its production and transmission also updated and has attracted the audience in India through its production.

This network resolution has increased upto 1080pi HDTV with 4:3 picture and full size picture with 16:9 high resolution.

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