A powerful explosion occurred in the Xiaomi warehouse?

Xiaomi has lost thousands of different devices, prepared for the big annual sale “618”. They were stored in a warehouse in China, where, for reasons not yet established, a violent explosion occurred, causing a major fire. Xiaomi assures that the incident will not affect the delivery time of its gadgets to customers, but clarifies that it can only give such a guarantee to residents of South China, although the sale of “618” is in demand all over the world.

Trial by fire not passed

An explosion occurred at a warehouse with Xiaomi gadgets located in China, which caused a massive fire. According to the Chinese portal MyDrivers, this warehouse contained the company’s devices prepared for the annual 618 summer sale in China. Exactly what kind of gadgets were destroyed by the fire remains unknown.

The warehouse was owned by the Hunan Nantang Warehousing and Logistics Company. The reason for the explosion that occurred on June 5, 2021 was not established at the time of publication of the material, as was the exact number of Xiaomi devices stored in the warehouse.

Sale 618 is one of the two largest annual sales in China. It is considered the main summer shopping festival in the country, second only to the 11.11 sale in honor of Bachelor’s Day. As a rule, it takes place on dates close to June 18, which is reflected in its name. Despite this, in 2021 it began on June 1, 2021.

Xiaomi’s reaction

The first to report that Xiaomi’s equipment was damaged by the fire was reported by Internet users from China, who saw the explosion and the mushroom cloud of smoke. Xiaomi reacted to the leaked information and confirmed that its gadgets were indeed in that warehouse.

Xiaomi head of the department for public relations of Wang Hua (Wang Hua) said that the warehouse itself is not included in the assets of the company, and that is the property of the logistics company Hunan Nantang Warehousing and Logistics Company. However, he personally confirmed that Xiaomi devices were damaged by the explosion and fire.

Wang Hua hastened to assure everyone that all goods destroyed or damaged as a result of the explosion and fire are fully insured. What kind of devices the company lost, Wang Hua did not say.

Consequences may not be enough

Wang Hua said the incident would not affect the 618 sale. However, he clarified that only buyers from South China will not feel any delays in the supply of devices purchased during the sale.

Wang Hua did not say whether the incident will affect the timing of the delivery of goods to other countries of the world, including Russia. He also did not specify whether the incident would affect the shortage of the company’s devices against the backdrop of global problems with the supply of semiconductor products.

Meanwhile, the sale of “618” is popular in all countries of the world, not only in China. According to AliExpress Russia, 3 million Russians took part in the 618 sale in 2020. The event lasted seven days, and during this period the sales of AliExpress Russia amounted to 7.3 billion rubles.

Globally, according to CNBC, the volume on all Alibaba trading floors, including the AliExpress store, reached $ 98.52 billion in the 618 sale in 2020. In comparison, JD online store, the creator of this sale, reported $ 37. 99 billion

Many marketplaces participate in the 618 sale every year, including Tmall, Taobao, Pinduoduo, and more. Each of them has an audience outside of China.

A similar case

Xiaomi isn’t the only Chinese IT company to face the loss of thousands of gadgets in a fire. But, if in her case a fire occurred in a warehouse, then in the case of Vivo, smartphones began to burn on the territory of the airport, and the fire could even spread to the plane. What caused the fire was not known at the time of publication of the material.

According to the India Times portal, the incident with Vivo smartphones occurred on April 10, 2021 at Hong Kong International Airport. The pallet with several thousand Vivo Y20 smartphones suddenly caught fire and quickly burned almost to the ground. The fire even had time to spread to a row of neighboring pallets before the firefighters could extinguish it.

As a result of the fire, none of the airport personnel or the fire brigade was injured. The incident resulted in the destruction of Vivo smartphones by fire and water and damage to part of the airport runway 24 meters long and 12 meters wide.

The pallet with Vivo smartphones was supposed to fly to Bangkok on flight RH331. It caught fire just a few minutes before being loaded onto the plane. It took the firefighters about 40 minutes to fight the flames.

The smartphones were to be transported by Hong Kong Air Cargo Carrier. The day after the incident, its leadership imposed a ban on the transport of any other cargo of Vivo.

Vivo Y20 is a relatively new smartphone model. The device went on sale at the end of August 2020, and reached Russia in early October 2020. At the start of Russian sales, the Y20 was available in black and blue body colors at a price of 14 thousand rubles.

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