A monument to Tesla was mined in Gospić in 1992, and it will now be on the Croatian euro coin

NIKOLA Tesla has been one of the most current days in Croatia and Serbia in recent days.

Born into an Orthodox family in Croatia, Tesla has been and remains the subject of shootings between Croatian and Serbian nationalists in recent years, despite the fact that he has more or less achieved everything in the United States, not thanks to the Balkans but to the Balkans in spite.

Nikola Tesla will thus be on the Croatian euro coin. Every member state that introduces the euro has the right to put something that represents the country on the coin, and Croatia, among other things, decided to put Tesla on the coin.

This provoked furious reactions among Serbian nationalists, and the debate has not subsided for two days.

Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest inventors in history, will in a way represent Croatia in the EU with a euro coin.

But the attitude towards Tesla was not always like this.

The episode from the war when Tesla’s monument in the center of Gospić was mined in 1992 has been somewhat forgotten.

The story of the monument begins in 1956.

The original monument to Nikola Tesla, referred to in the text, is the work of Fran Kršinić. It was erected in 1956 in front of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, where it is still located today. The first outflow was set up in a national park at Niagara Falls as a gift from Yugoslavia to the United States, and the second in Gospić in 1981.

The perpetrator, who remains unknown to this day, mined him on February 16, 1992.

“The bombing of the Tesla monument in Gospic is one of the most absurd symptoms of the neo-Ustasha savagery of Croatia in the 1990s, and a glaring example of the irrationality of nationalist ideology,” Sanja Horvatincic, who specializes in modern memorial sculpture and architecture, told Novosti in April. periods of which about 3,000 were destroyed.

Who mined Tesla’s monument has not been revealed to this day. Darko Milinović, a longtime HDZ member from Lika, has repeatedly emphasized that the defenders distance themselves from this act.

According to Tportal, HDZ wartime mayor Milan Kolić spoke about this topic in 2014. He then distanced himself from the demolition of the monument, despite being the first man of the city at the time.

‘When it comes to all those pastors who call out the people of Gospić from the parliamentary benches, including me, as a former mayor, in 1992, when the monument to Nikola Tesla was allegedly demolished, I can only say that I was in the trenches at that time, on the front line. battlefields, so I don’t know anything about those things’, said Milan Kolić at the time. In those years, the story of the restoration of the monument was updated again.

The monument was renovated and erected this year

In April this year, after almost 30 years, the mined monument was restored.

The sculpture is a casting made in the Foundry of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Namely, the same sculpture was placed on the American Niagara Falls and in front of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade.

Frane Kršinić’s plaster model did not exist, and the mined monument in bronze was so destroyed that it was better to go to Belgrade and take an imprint. However, as each sculpture can be poured in several copies, this is, said Obuljen Koržinek, “an absolutely representative monument”.

The monument is 3.1 meters high, with a pedestal more than four meters, and is set a few kilometers from Smiljan, Tesla’s birthplace and the Memorial Center, which until recently had 42,000 visits a year. Since there are now 65,000 visitors a year, HSP Mayor Karlo Starčević announced at the opening of the monument the expansion of capacity and more exhibited inventions, so that the Memorial Center will be able to receive up to 250,000 visitors

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